The Perks of Being a Female

The Perks of Being a Female

“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… full of beauty and forever beautiful, loving and caring and truly amazing.” — Deanna Beisser

There has been a lot of debate over the status of women in our society but I shall not delve too deep into that issue because there are many others doing just that. So here, I enlist a few advantages that we females enjoy. And I bet these are some benefits men crave (apart from the things they ‘really’ crave):

1. Short or negligible queues

If you’re a female who has a driving license, you’d know exactly what I mean. If you’ve ever bought a railway ticket at the reservation center, you’d relate to this so well. If you (like me) travel by the metro everyday, you would know this best. The queues at security checks, ticket reservations, passport office, and many such places are too short to be even called a queue. We secretly enjoy the fact that we don’t need to spend more time in queues than the actual travel time.

2. Ladies Coach

It’s a universal pleasure that all females feel while traveling by the Delhi Metro. “The first coach of every train has been reserved for ladies. Male passengers are requested not to travel in this car.” This initiative by the government has definitely aided in enhancing the safety and security of females (in addition to female pick pockets). The few seats reserved for women in the general coaches are the icing on the cake.

3. Reservation

I might sound like a hypocrite when I say reservation of all sorts is unfair but enjoy some percentage of reservation made exclusively for the fairer sex. Be it in colleges, where cut-offs for girls are lesser than those for boys, or workplaces where women are awarded brownie points just for their existence as females. It’s an open ended debate over reservation but you see, nobody minds the perks if in their favor.

4. Right or right?

There are two rules to understanding women:

1. Women are always right

2. In case they are wrong, refer to rule 1.

Enough said, now let’s pledge to not question the of sanctity of a women’s words.

P.S. We hate arguments unless we’re right.

5. Dressing up

Unlike men who can only adorn pants and shirts/tees or the most appealing Tux, women have a closet full of clothes yet nothing ‘good’ to wear. Ranging from the traditional saree to suit to lehenga to going western with jeans and shorts and even women’s tux, we have it all. At times I feel sad for males who wear the same boring combinations of clothes to the office and to weddings. Oh well, too much for the dresses. We can dress up as we like contrary to our social beliefs- and flaunt while we still can.

The list can stand modified for various women, yet these are some general perks women are subjected to.

So, dear ladies, it’s time we stopped cursing ourselves and become the happier section of the nation’s population. After all, we possess what men can’t. 

By Richi Malhotra

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