Miss University Photo Contest

University Times presents Mr & Miss University Online Photo Contest!
Upload your best photo and get a chance to win Rs 1000 Cash/Paytm.

Last date to participate: July 08, 2024
Last date of Voting: July 10, 2024
Winner Announcement: July 11, 2024

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Voting ends in
22 21 21 22 Days
1 0 0 1 Hours
40 39 39 40 Minutes
52 51 51 52 Seconds
Disha Mansukhani
Vote count:  220
Vote count:  192
Diya Soni
Vote count:  96
Navneet Gandhi
Vote count:  61
Vandana Das
Vote count:  32
Sophia Richard
Vote count:  32
Mahi garg
Vote count:  20
Vote count:  17
Vote count:  16
Vote count:  15

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The contest is completely free for everyone. There is no fee for participation or voting. Open to students from different universities or colleges across the country.

Vote for your favorite contestant and help us to find the winner of this photo contest. One winner out of the most voted photos will be selected as the student’s Choice Winner.

Winners will receive cash prizes, a chance to be featured on the cover page of the University Times magazine and website portal, and way more.


By registering and entering the Mr & Miss University Photo Contest you hereby accept the Terms and Conditions listed below.

1. All entries must be submitted via this website.
2. Group pictures are not permitted for this contest.
3. The participant must be a student from any university or college in India.
4. By participating in the contest and providing the contact details you agree to receive competition updates and notifications. You may unsubscribe at any time later.
5. You must not have breached any laws/rules when uploading your photographs.
6. The cash prize money will be distributed among the Mr and Miss University winners.
7. University Times reserves the right to cancel or suspend the contest due to technical issues or any other causes beyond the control of the technical team.
8. University Times reserves the right to modify the contest dates and rules at any time. It also reserves the right to remove or refuse any entries from the contest for any reason.
9. By posting pictures for this contest, you agree that you have the right to use that picture publicly.
10. To win the contest, the winner must secure a minimum of 500 votes.

By entering your details to the Mr and Miss University Photo Contest you are deemed to have accepted the rules. Please do not submit a photo to the competition unless you are prepared to agree to these terms.


• Uploading Photo: July 08, 2024
• Last Date of Voting: July 10, 2024


File format: JPEG or PNG
Size: Upto 2 MB
Photo dimensions and restrictions: A square-fit clear photo with no copyright or watermark