FEMINISM – 5 Facts That You Need To Know


Feminism is an ideology to establish equality for women in terms of education and employment. It is a demand for equality of sexes in every sector. It does not mean belittling men in any arena or in terms of respect. This word comes with misconceptions and paradoxes. Here is an effort to clear the ground out of myths.


    Any person who believes in gender equality can be a feminist. There are many proud male feminists who believe that men and women should have equal division of responsibilities in and out of the house.
  2. THERE IS NO NEED OF FEMINISM: While the invincible struggle goes on, there are a few minds who boggle over the question at the need for feminism. Women have got their voting rights, education, reservations in some prestigious government spaces and political land, then why do they need any more empowerment?
    well, these achievements are definitely a milestone and a cause for celebration. But feminism needs to continue since we witnessed that it works! There are still lesser talked perceptions about gender roles that needs to be eliminated in order to break through the chains of gender bias and curtail our aspirations.
  3. FEMINISM IGNORE MEN’S ISSUES: Feminism counts the issues of all the genders but relies on the fact that the stem of such evils is inequality. FYI, feminism aborts the idea of providing a preference of children’s custody to the mother, male abuse, men paying bills at dinner, etc.
  4. PROSTITUTES DON’T DESERVE THE PERKS: Masses believe that sex workers don’t deserve equality and it would harm the religious bases whereas one must look beyond their profession and learn that they are women too and have all the rights to be heard and to a respected existence.
  5. SUPPORTING FEMINISM REQUIRES PROTESTS: Protests are a last resort to make your opinion heard. If you step into the shoes of a feminist that doesn’t make you liable to participate in protests. All we expect out of you is a changed mindset that will be reflected in your day to day actions. Motivating others to do the same will make our work easier after all, change does not happen when the circumstances improve rather change happens when we decide to improve our circumstances.

Having brushed the facts, do you think you’re a feminist?

– Chinkey Saini

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