Covishield vs Covaxin  (Vaccine)

 Basic Information- Covishield and Covaxin both are the vaccination for to prevent from Corona virus or in layman term we can say these both vaccine helps to protect from covid-19. Basically, these vaccine act as an antibody in our Health System in a general term we can say that any substance that that induces the immune system to produce antibodies against it is called antigen and in the case of covid vaccine these covishield and covaxin both are the antigen for our body that helps to create the antibodies in our body for to protect our body from different viruses.


  • Covishield is cheaper than Covaxin, if we take Covishield from government hospital than it cost around somewhere around 300 Rs and in the case of private hospital it takes it coast around 600 Rs.
  • As compared to Covaxin, Covishield consist much more available stock in government hospital and in private hospital we can easily get Covishield vaciine but in majority private hospital Covaxin are not available.
  • Duration for covishield or in a simple term the interval between first and second dosages of covishield is between 12 to 16 weeks after taking first short of covishield vaccine.
  • Due to the nature of covishield generating more antibodies as compared to covaxin. covishield is specially recommded to old age group of people.

Pros and Cons-

Pros- As compared to the covaxin, covishield generate more antibodies in our body.

Cons- As I said covishioeld generate more antibodies so because of that immunologic reaction, the (Physiological) process of making antibodies due to that covishield vaccine is more painful as compared to the covaxin. That also create some side effects as compared to covaxin.

Like- you get a symptoms of flu where you may have a running nose , dry cough, you will slight fever in your body and around 3-4 days and its hurts a lot especially in the arm and all these symptoms known as post vaccination flu.


  • Covaxin is made by an indian government and the cost for cocvaxin is slightly on higher side as compared to covishield ,
  • In government hospital price of covaxin is around 400 Rs but in private hospital lie somewhere around 1200 RS. Again stock for covaxin not available in many places but you will get covishield easily.
  • And in the case of covaxin the duration between the first and second dosages is four to six weeks.
  • Covaxin is generally recomeded for young ones or I can say recomanded for young people.
  • It is also specially recomanded to those people who has higher chances to get re infection like- Health careworkers, essential care workers, Bank employees etc.

Pros and Cons-

Pros- Covaxin is effective in our mutant variant. As we all know that there are plenty of covid mutant variant so this covaxin is capable of to make a shield for that mutant variant of covid-19.

Cons- As compared to covishield it generate less antibodies in our body.



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