MCU Bhopal to Start Its Community Radio, New Courses Launched From This Academic Year.

Madhya Pradesh is the second state after Karnataka to implement the New Education Policy in its educational institutes to provide quality education to its students. Following the same, the Vice Chancellor of MCU Bhopal, K.G. Suresh announced the launching of new courses, labs, and starting of Community Radio Station – “Karamveer” radio from 15th August 2023.

Since the start, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal has been a strong pillar in creating marvelous journalists who had been serving the nation in various fields. Now with new courses, and the launching of its community radio, it will magnify the opportunities for students to learn new skills and find better options in their media careers.

After implementing the New Education Policy, many new courses and courses in Indian Languages would be available for the students from this academic year. In an Interview with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. K.G. Suresh, informed that a total of 10 new courses would be launched and each course would be for 4 years.

For the launching for Karamveer radio, he stated: we are launching our community radio from 15th August 2023. This will not just benefit our students but will also serve the villages that are situated near our campus. From this, students will get exposure to Rural Journalism. Our university is also ready to launch its own Drone Journalism program too.

Vice chancellor of MCU Bhopal, Prof. K.G Suresh.

By keeping his focus on Indian Knowledge Tradition, he said all the Ph.D. courses now would be attached to this concept. Ahead of this, he said: we have designed our 4-year Graduation program in such a way that if students wish to leave the course after 1 year, they would be provided with a certificate. Leaving the course after 2 years, he/she would be awarded with a Diploma and students who leave after 3 or 4 years with a degree would be eligible for the research program.

After this, if the student wishes to study the Masters’s program, it would only be of 1-year duration.

He also stated: the university will be starting its language lab to improve the language fluency level among the students. In the umbrella of the India Language, MCU along with the National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language will be launching Diploma in Sindhi Journalism, whereas from the next year, the university is set to launch a Marathi Journalism course for students.

Along with it, from this academic year, following the self-finance mode, the university will begin an English Honors course for students who come from an English language background, focusing that now they don’t have to travel to other states to just study this course.

Keeping in mind the New Education Policy, MCU Bhopal has signed an MoU with Mahatma Gandhi College of Communication, Kerala under the flagship of which their students would be visiting MCU to study and learn the culture for a certain time duration.

Vice-chancellor, Prof. K.G. Suresh concluded his statement by saying: We may start more new courses in Indian Languages if demand increases in the coming future.


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