Activities To Do Between Classes

Life can be stressful when you’re a student. There are classes, assignments, homework, and, depending on the course, lab activities. Then there are club meetings, activities, interviews for summer or co-op jobs, and events. Of course, you want to socialize with your buddies. Possibly working part-time. Possibly not.

The obvious tasks to do between classes include studying, completing homework, and the other things mentioned above. However, there are a few more activities to do between classes. A ten or fifteen minute break. Or things you can do if you get to class five minutes early.

01: Write on your own blog

You don’t have to write and publish everything online at once, which is a benefit. If you anticipate having many short breaks throughout the day, you can use a few of them to write a few phrases or revise a piece you’ve already written. This can also help you with your writing and will also keep you busy even during short breaks.

02: Update your resume

You can spend some time updating your resume if you haven’t done it in a while. This lessens the effort required to remember what you did in the past. Add new skills and projects to the master document as soon as you finish them.

You can copy, paste, and update the pertinent data into a template to create a specific resume for a particular job application.

03: Listen to a podcast

Podcasts can be useful for further learning and real-world applications. Use these as a simple, stress-free approach to keep studying during breaks or while moving between classes.

A suitable example would be a student of economics who is consuming a podcast from “The Economist.” There are podcasts from a lot of large companies. Check with the businesses that interest you to see if they do. This is a fantastic passive method for learning directly from what they are working on and hearing what they are working on.

04: Plan the next week’s activities

Review your schedule for the upcoming week in considerable detail. Do you have any assignments that you need to do quickly? Have you missed any little homework or assignments? Do you have any interest in going to any club activities or other events? Does it conflict with a course you’re taking? Can you attend the event if the lecture is at a different time?

05: Plan and/or check in on your goals

Short intervals are a great opportunity to assess your progress. You should set goals that are both directly and indirectly related to your study. Consider which of your goals you have actually advanced toward and which ones you have not. Consider what has succeeded and what has failed.

06: Go to the gym

Even if all you do is walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, your body will appreciate it. But if you visit often enough (a few times a week), chances are you’ll check out a few different equipment or even decide to enroll in a class. Your health, as well as your capacity to concentrate and learn in class, will all benefit from the exercise.

07: Read a book

Okay, so we all do read a little for our classes and might not feel like picking up more books, but reading non-fiction literature is a great way to sharpen your thinking. Another fantastic method to escape and have fun is through reading fiction.

08: Make a list

Creating a list is a good way to keep yourself updated or see what is what.

Make your grocery list
Write some daily/weekly goals
Update your to-do list and see which ones are most urgent
Write down a list of your assignments and steps on how you wish to complete them
Research books listed in your syllabus to read or articles to use for your assignment

You can write many more such lists and use it to get organized.

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