7 Small Steps to Save Our Planet Earth

We all have big, lofty plans for our future. Some of us aspire to become doctors, some engineers, teachers, photographers, writers and the list goes on. A laundry list of aspirations it is! However, has anyone of us ever sat for a moment and thought if our dreams would matter if there were no earth? Will it be humanly possible to survive if nature is destroyed? Let alone earning millions, will you be able to even breathe if there is no oxygen? A big NO. And yet none of us are doing anything.

A whole lot of percentage of species has already been wiped out. All natural resources are facing an acute crisis. The water we drink, the air we breathe, the soil on which crops grow, everything has been degraded and spoilt. And yet we think of a future when the present is dwindling with every passing moment. How irresponsible of us!

Let us pledge to save our Earth. Actually, let us pledge to save ourselves. If a disaster happens, the earth won’t be wiped out. What would be wiped out would be us humans who have so magnificently destroyed the balance of nature.

Here’s a list of ten small and easy steps we all can follow to help save nature.

1. Plant a tree on your birthday

For some of us planting a tree every month can be a herculean task and also uneconomical. But we all can plant at least one tree every year and that day can very well be our birthday. It also will signify growth with every passing year. Gift yourself a tree this year on your birthday. After all, you need oxygen to celebrate another birthday.

2. Buy E-books instead of paper books

Save paper without curbing your desire to divulge into the world of books. Read e-books, make perfect use of technology and contribute toward a greener environment.

3. Instead of photocopying, click pictures

Nowadays most students have good quality mobile phones which click clear pictures with good visibility. Make use of this feature at its best. AND save money.

4. Use perfumes instead of deodorants

No matter how many falling angels the ad of ax promises, such dreamy things won’t ever happen. Only the worse continues happening. Deodorants play a major role in global warming. So next time you go to a fragrance shop, buy a bottle of perfume instead of deodorant.

5. Book E-tickets for railway journeys

A small step like this can help save papers and hence trees. Be eco-friendly. Be smart.

6. Generate as little waste as possible

The most environmentally resourceful and efficient way to manage waste is to not have to address the problem in the first place. A huge amount of capital and resources are employed to make new products and later, to recycle them. Buy reusable over disposable items and help reduce waste by following small steps like buying glass bottles of aerated drinks rather than going for plastic ones.

7. Walk when possible and practice carpooling

Swami Vivekananda has said that walking is the best exercise. In a world of junk food and pollution, let us gift some ‘health’ to ourselves by some burning calories. If you know some people going to the same destination, you can always practice car pooling and save petroleum and minimize air pollution. Incorporate some environment-friendly routine and make a change.

These few small but significant things you can practice to make a difference and be eco-friendly. Nature has given us almost everything. Now it’s time for us to make a contribution.


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