Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is modern way of promoting a brands, products and services using all forms of digital channels and website’s, e-mails, social media, mobile apps etc.

Now student might think what’s the career about?

Digital marketing is the other name of online marketing, these days every business and company utilizes digital marketing strategies as people use their mobile phones almost whole day, making it easier to reach potential customers. There are different types of digital marketing some of which are.

SEO Marketing or search engine.

optimization, is one of the most widespread and in demand skills in the digital marketing world. In essence, SEO marketing is all about designing and creating content to rank highly in search engine when consumers as brand relevant queries and industry applicable searches.

Social media marketing.

It is a fast growing vertical within digital marketing and can serve as a powerful tool in a business advertising arsenal. In this specialty you will able to develop content and advertising strategies that promote customer interest and engagement on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik tok.

Content Marketers.

They create relevant, interesting and timely content that appeals to and engages customers on all digital frontier, from a brand social media channel to a website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is all about increasing the number of conversion that is the percentage of the website visitors and potential customers who actually make a purchase fill out a form or otherwise interact with the site.

Pay per click marketing

A company may pay large ad vendors like google or Facebook for text or for visual ad placement, aiming to pique searcher attention and ultimately drive sales. This marketing manager first examine the needs and resources of the business and organization then they work with the editorial, commercial, marketing and technical teams to decide on simple, effective, advanced and comfortable digital channel which fit the business requirements. They need to ensure all the campaigns are delivered on time and on budget. Later they track what people are saying about a brand online and help companies manage their brand image.


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