5 Ways to Finish Assignments over the Weekend

Chances are, you’re having your semester break right now, and like many others, you have assignments due next week – a lot of them. Though it was a fun break, it is time to get down to business.

Here are 5 ways you can finish off those assignments over the weekend:

1. Prioritise

This is the key to getting things done. Understand which assignment is more important, or is lengthier, or simply, first pops into your mind. Establish an order to which you will complete them and work accordingly. If one assignment is due before the other, complete that one first.

5 Ways to Finish Assignments over the Weekend2. Make a schedule

You have been hearing this since you were a baby – Make a timetable and work accordingly. It’s not that hard, guys. Allot time to each task, and do not sloth around, and complete it within that period. Then reward yourself with something nice, like sleep or chocolates.

3. Do. Not. Procrastinate.

This is the toughest one of them all. It’s a tough battle between reading this article on your phone/PC or your marks. The way to start working is to keep the phone in the other room and work, or ignore that movie showing on the TV – just shut the door from distractions.

4. Ask for Help

Now, this may seem unethical, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Ask your friends for help – they may not write your assignments for you, but they can definitely be a source of “notes” (if you know what I mean). Friends always have your back, unless they’re your best friend in which case they also haven’t done it yet.

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5. Pull an All-Nighter (In emergency cases only)

This is the most effective one. All you need is a strong will to not sleep (caffeine helps), be as quick as possible in completing it, and get the job done at least before the sun comes up. The silver lining, since it’s still the weekend, you can sleep till the afternoon, the next day.

Semester Break is that awesome party that everyone is invited to, and due assignments are the worst hangover because you had too much fun. Well, all you can do is gear up and tackle these headaches down, before college starts. Better put down that phone now. The race is on!


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