5 ways to deal with the horrific cutoff list of Delhi University

A 100 in History, yet sleepless before the release of the first cut off?

Delhi University has always been in news for its extremely high cut offs which leave students and their families flabbergasted. Who does not want to be at their dream college? But the first cutoff list of Delhi University not just sends shock waves to all aspirants, it also leaves many dreams unfulfilled. The cut offs rise every year, making it impossible for a student who has scored a 90% to get admission into the course and college of his/her choice. The release of the first cut off list leaves many disheartened.

However, here are a few things to always keep in mind during this crucial decision making time:

1. Did not make it to your dream college? Relax. It is not the end of the world.

Even though every student has a dream college in mind, not making it to that college is not the end of the world. A successful college life is majorly determined by what you make of it. Google will not hire you by merely looking at your college tag or your post graduate cut offs will not overlook your marks to see which college you completed your graduation from. It is completely alright to not be at the highest ranked college.

2. Wait patiently for at least the second and third cut off lists.

Play safe. Take admission into whichever college you get through in the first cut off. You can always switch to another college later. Most colleges often release the second cut off list so all is not lost. You just need to keep your hope intact because the upcoming lists may just bring pleasant surprises!

3. Decide. Course or College?

This is probably the most difficult yet the most important decision you need to make. Because the college where you want to be is not where you may get the course of your choice, you need to prioritize. No college is good or bad, but a wrong course can bring a lifetime of regrets with it.

4. Keep yourself well informed.

Discuss your options with seniors who are already pursuing their studies at Delhi University. They will always have something valuable to tell you or may just help you get a better insight into the course structure or the future possiblities of choosing a particular course. Always make an informed choice!

5. Believe in yourself.

The entire admission process is probably the most stressful phase in a student’s life. There will be disappoinments when you do not succeed or moments when you experience happiness like never before. Irrespective of which is your story, never give up. Continue to give in your best wherever you are, because this is just the beginning of the journey.

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