Course vs College: What should you prefer?

The never ending debate of course vs college begins.

“To me, course is more important, so that I enjoy what I study, no matter where I study.”

Course vs CollegeThis is the time when students have to make one of the most crucial decisions in their lives i.e Course vs College, a decision that will shape their future.

In college admission season, the worst dilemma that a student faces is whether to choose a reputed college or their desired course. The never-ending debate of course vs college now begins. One instance when this dilemma is revealed in a bitter way is when students come to seek admission in India’s largest central university, the University of Delhi. Not everyone can get into top colleges like St. Stephen’s, SRCC, LSR, Hindu, Hansraj, Miranda House, etc. and get the course of their choice, but most are happy to compromise on the course of their choice for a top college, just for the tag and the brand value. Many, however, feel that choosing a course is more important than getting admission to a reputed college.

I wanted to get admission in either St. Stephen’s or LSR. But with the cut-offs, my dreams were shattered. I wanted History Honours, but in those two colleges, I was eligible only for the courses which I was not that enthusiastic to pursue. At that moment, I decided to act prudently and so I chose Gargi College for History Honours. Now I am happy with my decision,” Noble Shrivastava, a first year student says.

According to Sahil Singh, who appeared for this year 12th Boards, “Though I am appearing for JEE, I have no plans to enter the elite IITs, as I do not want to pursue engineering. I would rather enrol in a college with a BS degree or do an Honours course in Physics, as being a physicist has always been my dream. To me, the course is more important, so that I enjoy what I study, no matter where I study.”

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Experts also opine that it is futile to be in a top college if you have no interest in the course. As studies fill a major part of the student’s life, the best decision is when you pick up a course that you are passionate about. Sometimes you may get lucky, and get your desired combination, but when not, the wise thing would be to bend towards your interest.

Yes, college matters too and research shows that most people who pick colleges do it for the brand name and for better placements in the future. Good colleges also ensure the overall development of personality as societies and clubs are active. Though reputed colleges have a good atmosphere and good faculty, and add up to your personality, in the end your knowledge and skills matter, irrespective of the college you attend.

– Columnist, University Times


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