31 Signs You Went To An All-Girls School

All-Girls School

Attending an all-girls school is like being initiated into a clandestine clan. Here are some things only those who attended an all-girls school would understand!

1. You were used to sitting in the clumsiest position, without worrying about what’s on show.

2. You had a crush on at least one male teacher at some point of time.

3. You knew most of the boys of the all-boys school.

4. You didn’t care if you weren’t always waxed.

5. And you might as well come to school in your “just woke up” avatar.

6. When you met guys outside school, you couldn’t help but blush momentarily.

7. Having a boyfriend was a privilege, and it automatically made you COOL.

8. Nothing like ‘unexpected periods trauma’ existed.

9. And you can use it to excuse yourself from almost any situation.

10. Good handwriting was always emphasised.

11. You went all “Hawww” when you saw a guy hugging a girl in public.

12. It was always easy to find things to meet your girly needs.

13. Tissues, check. Sanitizer, check. Comb, check.

14. You loved reading chick lit!

15. And you fought over dating fictional characters.

16. You always worried how you’d deal with guys in college.

17. And you occasionally wished your parents didn’t put you in an all-girls school.

18. Inter-school competitions always made you self-conscious.

19. Your friendships could go through a whirlwind in a matter of seconds.

20. The best weapons you used to tackle teachers-puppy faces.

21. And the more lethal – TEARS!

22. Your school sports team was always the HERO!

23. Your gossips ranged from classmates to the principal’s alleged affair.

24. You always had to cut your nails short and plait your hair.

25. And you wondered why your school cared more about your appearance than your academic performance!

26. You managed to steal glimpses of yourself in every glass, mirror, and reflective surface you passed through. 

27. No heads turned when you were taught sex education.

28. The No Uniform day was officially the ‘judge me for my dress’ day.

29. Being addressed as “my young ladies” always got on your nerves.

30. You made friends through mutual hatred…

31. And friends that’d last a lifetime!


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