17 Things People Say To Skinny People

17 Things People Say To Skinny People

Skinny people often get tormented with all kinds of weird comments by not-so-skinny people. Here are 17 things people often say to skinny people.

#1. ‘Do you even eat?’

“No, I survive on oxygen.”

#2. ‘You’re so lucky, you can eat whatever you want and still not get fat!’

“Little do you know, how much I want to.”

#3. ‘Power yoga?’

“Sure. Like being thin is my life’s main ambition”

#4. ‘I want a figure like yours!’

“And I want curves!”

#5. ‘Don’t go out, the wind might blow you.’

“Careful there, the stupidity hole might swallow you.”

#6. ‘You look like a malnutritioned folk from a third world country.’

“And you look like an ignorant idiot.”

#7. ‘Are you anorexic?’

“Can you even spell that right?”

#8. ‘No problem, you can sit in my lap.’

“And dodge between your uncomfortably pointed knees, sure.”

#9. ‘Mr/Miss Skeleton’

“Yes I am a skeleton… One that’ll rob you of a good night’s sleep!”

#10. ‘Have you been sick?’

“Sick of such questions? forever.”

#11. ‘Anything you wear looks good on you.’

“After hundred hours of searching for the right size, it should.”

#12. ‘You should eat more or you’ll fall sick.’

“Yeah, whatever.”

#13. ‘You need to gain some weight!’

“You need to start minding your own business!”

#14. ‘Life is so much easier for you.’

“What are you talking about, I can’t even find belts with enough holes!”

#15. ‘I bet you can run as fast as flash.’

“I bet your IQ is as low as ZERO.”

#16. ‘It’d be so hard to find you in a crowd.’

“Not while I’m walking with a loser like you, NO.”

#17. ‘There’s nothing in your body except bones!’

“Maybe that’s what stopping me from slapping you.”


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