Top Benefits And Loss Of Studying In An All-Girls College

We asked a couple of ladies who have studied at an all-girls college and they assisted us with placing a few contemplations and inquiries into viewpoint, on this theme. Thus, let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in an all-girls college according to individuals who have been there and experienced everything directly.


  • Wear anything you want

Most of the girls said that since it is an all-girls college, they don’t feel the need to dress up every day. They don’t feel the need to impress anyone and are more concerned about their comfort rather than attire.

Meanwhile, some co-ed colleges don’t allow girls to wear shorts and skirts on campus which can be a put-off, especially in Delhi summers. You don’t have to bother about people staring at you all the time, (read that as guys checking you out) so overall you can simply dress the way you want, anything is fine, you can walk to college in your lowers or wear a dress (trust me, no one is going to judge you!). You don’t have to check your wardrobe for hours to decide the dress you should wear.

  • No fights over who is dating whom

It is a known fact that the majority of fights in colleges occur along the lines of who has a crush on whom. Major fights happen when one person has a crush on another and he/she starts dating someone else. Now in an all-girls college, this is very difficult to happen so there is one less reason for fights. But on the contrary, girls are very possessive about their friends and fights in girl’s colleges do not happen because of boys but if one girl’s best friend becomes friends with other girls, whom the first doesn’t like then that is the ultimate doom!

  • Deal with politics and cold wars

An all-girls college fine-tunes you to learn the skills of becoming a diplomat. Also, it is a known fact that girls love to gossip and there are no two thoughts about it, but staying in an all-girls college makes you strong enough to deal with pressure situations along with handling cold wars, events, and fests, strikes on your own with great efficiency.

  • More energy all around

The youth are enthusiastic about anything and everything but the entire vibe at an all-girls college is worth a mention. Girls tend to be excited about any event and infuse a lot of energy and time into ensuring that everything happens in the best possible way. So whether it is the college fest, college trips, or sports events, students in a girls’ college are known to be full of energy and enthusiasm to take part in and organize events to perfection.

  • Self-esteem & Confidence

Studying in a girls’ college, one develops a whole new sense of confidence. While hanging out with your girls’ gang, one will forget about “girls should not go out alone” stuff. Also, at an only girl’s college, girls are allowed to take part and handle different situations, right from attending home science classes to participating in football tournaments, which is quite a welcome change. We as a society are conditioned to think that some activities are to be done by males and the others by women but this is hardly an issue in an all-girls college.

There is an atmosphere of body positivity! We are less likely to be judged for body hair, baby fat, oversized clothes, etc. No one gives a second thought about this. During fest nights, everyone goes around complimenting anyone and everyone they see!

  • Independence

At any college, one tends to shape up their personality and understand the idea of being independent. However, most of the girls shared that they truly experienced freedom when they joined an all-girls college, primarily because they could dress up the way they want, and talk about things close to their hearts without fearing that they would be judged or simply made fun of.

You have the freedom to sit, talk, laugh, and walk the way you want. There are no taboos as to what a girl can do and what she cannot. Since there are only girls around, they are everywhere, from the science lab to the football ground. There is no concept of manly/womanly work. One gets to do all work during fests/ events with no one questioning your femininity or masculinity.

  • Popularity outside college

Outside college you are the talk of the town, everyone wants to know what happens at your college and guys are genuinely interested in knowing you. You are exotic to others! So, be assured that you will make a good impression even before you speak a word if you are from a good all-girls college. When you visit an intercollege fest, you are given special attention!

  • More opinionated

Growing up, girls are always taught to be hush-hush about their menses and other taboo topics. In an all-girls environment, this does not happen. One can loudly announce that they need a sanitary pad and no one is grossed out about it.

Not exactly true for all girls colleges, however, most girls share that since they are given the freedom to speak their minds they developed strong views on many aspects of life ranging from the government, religious beliefs, authors, historical events to taking the “Feminism” bandwagon forward. 

  • College fests are the talk of the town

Considered to be “forbidden territory” by the male folk, all-girls colleges manage to draw impressive crowds to their fests because that is the only time of the year when boys can step foot on the college premises.

Apart from this, an all-girls college fest is probably the only place where guys are a little petrified to enter because it’s a known fact that a slight slip from their end and they would be ragged to eternity by the female crowd on campus. Usually, all-girls colleges are ahead in both studies and cultural programs.

Despite all of this, the fests see a lot of male participation. People come in groups as large as 10 to participate! You get to meet a lot of new people and interact with them. As far as crushing on people is considered, what is even the point of harboring a crush on someone if you don’t have a group of 50 girls invested in your story and always ready to tease you about it!

Top Benefits And Loss Of Studying In An All-girls College



  • Minimum exposure

An ‘all girls’ environment is beneficial in many ways, but one major drawback is the minimum interaction with the other sex. Studying with boys can develop a sense of respect for the other sex. This sometimes creates difficulties for girls when they move out of college. Some women’s college graduates worry that they’ll be ill-prepared for co-ed workplace dynamics and male competition in the workforce. Also, you have got to admit it becomes boring at some point when you don’t have a guy in your group.

  • Less-active social life

Of course, one of the biggest differences between women’s colleges and co-ed institutions is in the social scene. For some women, the prospect of a single-sex environment seems very limiting for socialization and romantic prospects, and contrary to popular belief, women’s colleges aren’t an automatic hook-up for lesbian and bisexual women either.

Women’s colleges tend to be less party-oriented than traditional co-ed institutions, but that doesn’t mean that single-sex schools are completely devoid of social interaction. What women’s colleges lack in the heterosexual dating scene is often made up for by the close-knit network of women that graduates establish during their studies.

  • Societal awareness

Studying along with boys gives the girls an understanding of the real world and helps them to understand how society will be outside the gates of the college. The perspective developed in an all-girls school might be biased. While we girls have healthy discussions about various topics, we usually don’t have a male opinion about it. So we might be ignorant about what daily issues they face. In other words, they are in an artificial environment that is different from the “Real world”.

  • Gossip & Drama

Gossip spreads fast. Just tell one girl about something and by the end of the day, the entire class will know. Even though we are saved from boy drama, we do have a lot of drama in our lives intensified by the presence of too many girls. Girls notice a lot from the way they behave to the way they dress up which initiates gossip. You get used to bitching (using a euphemism for this word, won’t justify the context).

  • Desperation

A lot of people assume that just because we are from an all-girls institution, we are desperate for attention. Our guy friends usually joke around us, saying that they are doing a ‘favor’ by talking to us since we don’t have boys in our college. 

  • Wrong Assumptions

Some people assume that our head of the institution is a female just because LHMC gives them that lady-vibes. Apart from that too a lot of people assume that our life is all study and no fun, that they don’t hang out after college etc. They think girls will go gaga when they see a guy no matter how he looks.


The best thing about Women-only colleges is that they make sure women are 100% heard, 100% taken seriously, and 100% empowered, and they surpass co-ed institutions in many aspects of learning and career prep.

Going to an all-girls college guarantees you’ll have lots of amazing girls you’ll be proud to call your friends. You must make a lot of friends to enjoy your college days to the fullest because friends are a group of people who are with you on your good days as well as bad days.


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