12 Reasons Why Friends Will Remain Our Favourite Sitcom Forever!

It’s been more than 28 years since Friends went on air. And yet, we find happiness in watching reruns of those wonderful episodes filled with fun, emotions and excellent humor. The “original” sitcom, Friends will always have a special place in our hearts, no matter how many sitcoms go on air now. Friends was the first to introduce things that were later reused in other sitcoms. Let’s reminisce in the memories and see why we love Friends the most!


#1. Because it had smelly cat!


#2. Because Chandler will always remain the king of sarcasm!


#3. Because Central Perk became our favourite haunt in the world, even if we’ve never been to New York.


#4. Because in 1995, this show made us think about lesbian relationships and child adoption. And all this in the form of a comedy!


#5. Because of Ross’s antics!



#6. Because Monica and Chandler will remain the best couple ever!


#7. Because Ross and Monica were just the coolest siblings ever!


#8. Because of things like “the ugly naked guy”!


#9. Because, “smelly cat” is not the only crazy song Phoebe made up!

Oh, we could go on and on!


#10. Because of Joey and Chandler’s friendship!


#11. Because of Phoebe! Oh sorry, Regina Phalange… Or was it Princess Consuela Bananahammock? Oh, never mind!


#12. Because, even after 20 years, you could watch it all over again and not feel like it’s outdated!

(And the cast still looks adorable!)

– Anshul, University Times


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