5 Reasons Why Outstation Students Love Delhi

Saddi dilli is a mixture of every flavor of India. It is the heart of this nation and is as diverse as it gets. Here you’d find a multitude of people from all parts of India and also from different countries. People come here for obvious reasons – it is the capital of the nation, better job opportunities, varied career paths and then of course – Delhi University, IP University and various other reputed private colleges.

But then again, there are a lot of changes that students feel when they come from different cities to Saddi Dilli, so we decided to go out and ask them what they feel about this city.
Here are a few things that outstation students had to tell us about their experience with Delhi!

1. “Delhi is both a burst of western culture mixed with traditions and ‘Indianness‘ and there’s nothing else one would want from a city.” – Mohammad Akram, a student who comes from Aligarh.

2. “There are innumerous places, cafes and restaurants one can check out. Even the street vendors sell the best of foods here and the food here is just delicious!” –  Meghna, a student of Dyal singh College, Delhi University.

3. “A lot of events take place here, from literary fests, to film screenings and film festivals. The best of things happen here first, which makes it the best place to be in when you are a media student” – Pallavi, a student of IP University.

4. “There are the positives and negatives both that I feel being here in Delhi. My hometown was a lot calmer and peaceful than this rushing city. But we are the ones who form the crowd, so I like to embrace being one with this city and its crowd”- Animesh, a student from Kanpur

5. “People may react differently to the transition from a small town where a lot of people know you, to living in a big city where probably even your neighbors wouldn’t know you. I can do anything without worrying about it. Freedom is something that I love the most after moving from a small town” – Kuber, a student of IP University

So summing it all up, we realise that even after being a bit overcrowded and full of rush, this city steals hearts and brings all different cultures, races and religions together through its food, its traffic, its buildings and its essence, which is the essence of “Dilli”



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