“Maamla Legal Hai” on Netflix: A fun look at the legal world with Ravi Kishan

This week, Ravi Kishan is really happy because he did a great job in two big projects. First, he made people laugh a lot as a police inspector in Kiran Rao’s movie “Laapataa Ladies.” Then, he showed his talent again in the series “Maamla Legal Hai.”

Maamla Legal Hai

In “Maamla Legal Hai,” Ravi Kishan plays VD Tyagi, a smart lawyer in a court in Delhi. He has his own office, a team of people working with him, and even two interns he jokingly calls “Law” and “Order.”

Tyagi’s main goal is to win an important election at the Delhi Bar Association. He does everything he can to win, like making friends with important people in the Supreme Court and trying to be smarter than his rival, Phorey, played by Yashpal Sharma.

The series also shows us some of the small cases that come to the court. We get to see how the legal system works and meet interesting characters like Sujata, Vishwas, and newbie lawyer Ananya.

In each of the eight episodes, we see Tyagi’s election campaign and also some real-life legal cases. The show makes fun of some silly things that happen in the legal system. Tyagi is always trying hard to win, and his funny way of doing things makes the show very entertaining.

“Maamla Legal Hai” has a funny and light-hearted tone, like the show “Panchayat” on Prime Video. It’s made by people who used to work at TVF, so it’s full of jokes about the legal system and the people who work in it.

The series is short and easy to watch, and Ravi Kishan’s acting is really good. He plays Tyagi so well, with his funny glasses and ambitious personality. Even though Tyagi isn’t always perfect, his charm and humor make the show really enjoyable.


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