What if you have scored between 75-90% in Class 12th Boards?

What if you have scored between 75-90With the CBSE board results out, admission frenzy is on and everyone is bursting with anxiety about what college they’ll end up in. We’re here to help you out in this time of chaos. No matter one’s percentage, there is a place for everyone. Read on to find out your options in Delhi University and beyond.

If you have scored between 40% and 60%

You needn’t get disheartened if you’ve scored in the aforementioned range. You can always enroll yourself in Delhi University’s School of Open Learning which offers B.Com (Honours), English (Honours), Political Science (Honours) besides B.A. and B.Com (Programme), much like any other DU college. You will be awarded a DU degree once you complete three years of your education and clear all your exams.  As far as regular courses go, Sanskrit (Honours) cut-offs tend to dip to this level.’

Apart from DU, you have lots of options when it comes to private universities which collaborate with industries to provide you with professional courses in culinary arts, event management etc. You can also take up job-oriented courses such as hotel management, retail management, fashion designing etc.

If you have scored between 60% and 75%

It’s advisable that you give preference to course over college. Do some research and dig out previous year’s cut-offs to list down courses that may be accessible to you and apply to them. Often, B.A. Programme and Sanskrit (Honours) cut-offs drop to this level in certain colleges.

You also have the option of going for DU courses that admit students on the basis of entrance exams such as management studies & mass communication. If not DU, you’ll have plenty of choice in private universities.

If you have scored between 75% and 90%

You can obviously apply to private universities and are most certainly eligible to sit for entrance exams that get you admission into the previously mentioned courses offered by DU.

Apart from that, if you lie between 75-90%, be realistic about your choice of DU colleges and go for whatever college you’re getting in the first cut-off list as long as you’re getting the course of your choice. Generally, cut-offs for B.com (H), English (H) and Economics (H) are above 90% in the first cut-off list. So, keep an eye on the subsequent lists. B.A. and B.Com programme have lower cut-offs than honours courses but seldom drop below 80%.

If you have scored between 90% and 100%

Admission into DU shouldn’t be very difficult for you. If you’ve scored above 95%, it is highly likely that you’ll get the course and college of your choice. Remember, it is always advisable to choose a good course rather than running after a renowned college.

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