List of Interesting Diploma Courses After 10th For All Streams

Diploma Courses Post 10th

An Overview of Top Diploma Courses After 10th for All Streams

A List of Top Diploma Courses After 10th

Importance of Top Diploma Courses after 10th For All Streams

It is believed that the true transition between secondary school and higher secondary school occurs after one completes their education in grade 10. Being compelled to choose between continuing the pursuit of higher secondary education and that of opting for short-term courses, one might essentially become perplexed by experiencing a plethora of courses to choose from. Diploma courses are generally  One might often experience anxiety and stress while looking for the most appropriate courses for studying after grade 10. It is especially during such instances that one is perplexed about choosing the most perfect course that aligns with their interest! Are you looking for good diploma courses after grade 10 for different streams of study? If so, we have got you covered in our broad list of top diploma courses after 10th that are suitable for all streams!

This blog contains:

Importance of Diploma Courses After 10th For All Streams

Relevance of Diploma Courses in Today’s Competitive Market

Importance of Providing A Comprehensive List of Popular Diploma Courses After 10th For All Streams

Benefits of Diploma Courses Over Degree Programs (PG AND UG)

Duration and Eligibility Criteria of Diploma Courses After 10th

How to Choose the Perfect Diploma Program After 10th

List of Top Diploma Programs For All Streams After 10th: Fees, Duration and Top Colleges

Top Institutes Offering Diploma Courses After 10th

Popular Job Prospects For Diploma Courses After 10th



Relevance of Diploma Courses in Today’s Competitive Market

In today’s competitive world with increasing opportunities and reduced wage rates and remuneration, one might wish to look for short-term diploma courses that focus on a specific area of study and give them the correct amount of exposure! By specifically pursuing diploma courses in a given specialisation field such as say nursing or engineering, one might easily develop a strong foundation in those courses. In a shorter span of time, one might be able to develop skills and competencies in their preferred professional position and that too without spending humongous amounts on tuition fees, accommodation and housing, visa and immigration, transportation as well as other infrastructural costs such as library, computer as well as laboratory charges included in college fees on a yearly basis. As opposed to staying away for long periods of time away from one’s loved ones and close confederates, one might be able to pursue interesting diploma courses in just half or a quarter of the time required to complete a graduate and a postgraduate qualification in the same program.

It is therefore important to consider an alternative pathway of pursuing diploma courses after 10th grade that are course-specific, short-term, involve practical application and recommend self-engagement in them.

Importance of Providing A Comprehensive List of Popular Diploma Courses After 10th For All Streams

In order to avoid extreme perplexity and confusion in order to choose appropriate diploma courses after completing 10th standard, it is necessary to develop a preference based list that matches and aligns to the various interests of the individual and is also in close alignment to one’s budget and affordability. By essentially doing so, one can manage to create a comprehensive list of popular diploma courses that provide direct admissions to students completing education in grade 10. One can also develop the list of courses based on the overall ranking of the course, the faculties and professors teaching the course, as well as the affiliation of the institution to a renowned university/college and whether it is a government institution or a private institution. The biggest advantage of pursuing diploma courses is that one can begin earning by entering the targeted industry rather than awaiting for the completion of three and four year undergraduate programs and getting disappointed with compulsory internships.

Before opting for a specific diploma course it is suggested that one consults family members, friends pursuing similar courses as well as experienced individuals working in sectors relevant to the industry.

Benefits of Diploma Courses Over Degree Programs (PG AND UG)

The Diploma courses in various disciplines that are introduced after 10th standard involve some truly beneficial aspects. These aspects make them attractive and compelling as potential course options as opposed to postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs in the same discipline. Here are a few advantages of diploma courses over degree programs:

  •  These courses are specifically designed for individuals not consciously aiming for higher secondary schooling and wish to support their family members and friends on financial aspects by earning separate income.
  • These courses are conducted for a shorter duration than conventional degree academic programs that last for about three to four years. Diploma programs are generally conducted for two to three years.
  • Diploma courses involve real-life application of acquired knowledge as opposed to resorting to theoretical principles taught in classrooms.
  • These courses help build a strong foundation in specific disciplines and areas of research by making one self-reliant by encouraging self-study and high levels of personal engagement.
  • One can easily switch careers in diploma courses after 10th grade.
  • The tuition fee and overall expenditure involved in studying diploma courses is much less than traditional degree programs. These courses are offered at nominal and reasonable rates. So, one can complete two/three diploma course sin the time and amount of expenditure involved singlehandedly in degree programs of undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Duration and Eligibility Criteria of Top Diploma Courses After 10th

Most diploma courses are conducted and designed specifically for individuals aged between 17 and 21 years. Under exceptional circumstances, if one belongs to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes category, then they are provided admission flexibility till the time they complete 24 years of age. There is no specific eligibility criteria for most diploma courses but some diploma programs require submission of scores of specific national level entrance examinations such as NEET, JEE for medicine and engineering related courses. Some diploma courses also require samples of previous work done in internships and industry related experience by compiling work portfolio for design and fine arts courses. A majority of diploma courses prescribe specific guidelines of scoring 50% marks in final examinations conducted by an accepted educational board in grade 10 in order to be eligible for taking up diploma courses after 10th.

The typical duration of diploma courses is between 6 months to 2 years. In rare circumstances, there are specific specialization diploma programs that run for three to four years.

How to Choose the Perfect Diploma Course After 10th

With multiple options available in order to choose the best diploma program after 10th in terms of the institute as well as the different types of courses, it might become a truly worrisome and tumultuous task to choose the most appropriate college. Therefore, one needs to carefully map out their interests, preferences as well as strengths and weaknesses in order to perform a thorough analysis of the most appropriate diploma program after 10th.

Here are some steps that can be necessarily followed in order to choose the perfect diploma program after 10th:

  1. Surf the internet for good diploma courses offered by top institutes based on your area of interest and available experiences as well as educational qualifications.
  2. Consult friends and family members who might have pursued similar courses or are working in industries relevant to your course.
  3. Assess your own capabilities to pursue the given course based on your score in final examination of grade 10, your own understanding of the course subjects and openness to gain new experiences via the course.
  4. Try learning about the course by taking up online certificate programs as well as workshops in the given course before enrolling for the diploma course.
  5. Try to get alumni references by reaching out to them as well as manage to build a strong network at an early stage by contacting subject-matter experts and faculties of the course to gain new insights about career outcomes as well as potential courses to explore.
  6. Choose the course and institution by finalizing top 10 institutes based on budget, preferences and eligibility.
  7. Shortlist top 5 courses and apply for them.
  8. Wait for responses from college/institute.

List of Top Diploma Programs For All Streams After 10th

There are various diploma programs offered by different institutes across India and they are promising of good career prospects after graduation. These courses vary from discipline to discipline and some are quite specific and concise in their pedagogical format and outline. It is therefore essential to make up the correct choice in order to avoid boredom and loss of interest after enrolling for a given diploma program. Once one has finalized a stream of study such as say Arts/Humanities, Commerce or Sciences, it becomes quite easier to pursue courses in the given area by choosing the appropriate course and college.

Here is a broad list of the most popular choices made by 10th pass-outs for diploma programs:

  1. Diploma in Engineering:

Diploma courses in Engineering involve training students in engineering related skills such as sketching, drawing, construction management, planning, blueprinting, structures and materials, lighting, furniture development and design as well as project conceptualization and execution.

Top Colleges: Government Polytechnic Gandhinagar, Gujarat University, Amity University

Fees: 25,000 to 2 lakhs

Duration: 1-2 years

2. Diploma in Hospital Management:

Diploma courses in Hospital Management include training students in skills necessary for hospital management such as sanitation, sterilization, billing, invoice management, contacting pharmaceutical companies and drug suppliers for stock, stock directory as well as reception management.

Top Colleges: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, King George’s Medical University, Christian Medical College, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University

Fees: 1-2 lakhs

Duration: 2-3 years

Requirements: NEET PG/UG

3. Diploma in Nursing:

Diploma courses in Nursing involve training students in nursing skills such as first aid, sanitation, sterilization, patient care, drug administration as well as critical care unit supervision.

Top Colleges: Madras Medical College, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Fees: 50,000 to 1 lakh

Duration: 1-2 years

Requirements: Entrance Test

4. Diploma in Fine Arts:

Diploma courses in Fine Arts involve training students in fine arts and performing arts such as dance, theatre, music, painting, sculpture as well as singing.

Top Colleges: College of Art Delhi, Government College of Fine Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts BHU, Santiniketan University (Visva Bharati University)

Fees: 10, 000- 2 lakhs

Duration: 1-2 years

5. Diploma in Insurance:

Diploma courses in Insurance involve training students in insurance related skills such as portfolio management, risk coverage, policy management, sales as well as accounting as well as finance and banking laws.

Top Colleges: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Pondicherry University Common College, Anand Commerce College

Fees: 5,000 – 1 lakh

Duration: 6 months-1 year

6. Diploma in Beauty and Fitness:

Diploma courses in Beauty and Fitness involve training students in skills necessary for beauty and fitness such as grooming, make-up, haircutting, hairdressing, nail art and nail spa, massage and dressing.

Top Colleges: Lakme Academy, Pearl Academy, VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition

Fees: 15,000 – 2 lakhs

Duration: 3 months to 1 year

7. Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Services:

Diploma courses in hotel management and catering services include training students in skills such as reception desk management, customer care helpline administration, laundry, food and beverage management.

Top Colleges: Christ University, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Institute of Hotel Management Delhi and Mumbai

Fees: 25,000 – 1 lakh

Duration: 1-2 years

8. Diploma in Culinary Studies:

Diploma courses in Culinary studies involve training students in skills such as cooking, tasting, understanding of cutlery, crockery management, food sustainability and menu arrangement and design.

Top Colleges: Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad, Indian Culinary Institute, IHM Aurangabad, Palate Culinary Academy

Fees: 30,000 – 3 lakhs

Duration: 1-3 years

9. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication:

Diploma courses in Journalism and Mass Communication involve training students in skills for media industries such as reporting, transcription, scripting, interviewing, video editing and photo editing and copywriting.

Top Colleges: Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, National Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication, Asian College of Journalism, AAFT Noida

Fees: 2.5 – 5 lakhs

Duration: 1-2 years

10. Diploma in Design:

Diploma courses in Design include training students in skills such as design thinking, product design, web design and development, graphic design, interior design, planning, AUTOCAD, mapping and sketching, blueprints and printing.

Top Colleges: NIFT Delhi, NIFT Gandhinagar, NID Ahmedabad, Anant National University, IIT Guwahati

Fees: 5-10 lakhs

Duration: 2-3 years

Popular Institutes Offering Top Diploma Courses After 10th

There are a multitude of diploma courses offered by top institutes of the country and with a huge variety available around oneself, one can easily get confused about choosing the most appropriate institute for themselves. Under such circumstances, it is essential to list out one’s preferences and interests by surfing about popular diploma courses in relevant disciplines in concerned areas of interest. It is a lot more easier to decide upon a institute/college based on the course that one prefers to pursue ahead after 10th. One can check upon the nature of the course, see its overall ranking and also review the institutes offering it in terms of fees, names and experiences of faculties involved in teaching, alumni members and career outcomes as well as popularity. Based on these factors, one can easily finalize upon a course at an institute that aligns well with one’s interests, acquired skill sets, experiences as well as overall budget of the student.

Here is a comprehensive list of popular institutes offering a variety of short-term diploma programs in various disciplines:

  1. Amity University, NOIDA
  2. Ahmedabad University
  3. Gujarat University
  4. Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar
  5. Lady Shriram College, New Delhi
  6. Chandigarh University
  7. Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  8. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore
  9. IIT Gandhinagar
  10. University of Mumbai

Apart from these institutes, one can also look for good diploma courses offered by Delhi University.

Popular Job Prospects For Top Diploma Courses After 10th

The job prospects for top diploma courses after 10th grade are promising of good absorption in the industry and also involve good remuneration for promising candidates who recently graduated from diploma courses after 10th. It is also surprising to observe that at an initial stage, most industries offer similar salaries and wages to degree as well as diploma graduates. There are some interesting job prospects that are opted by diploma graduates after 10th.

Here are some of the most popular job prospects for diploma courses after 10th:

  1. Cabin Crew, Hotelier, Restaurateur, Caterer, Tourism Manager, Travel Agent
  2. Visa and Immigration Services, PR Manager, Anchor, TV Reporter, Copywriter, Cameraperson for Media Industries, College Counsellor
  3. Sales Manager, Product Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Wed Developer
  4. Software Developer, Game Designer, Blockchain Developer, Coder
  5. Business Start-Up Owner, Radio/Video Jockey, Artist, Dancer, Singer, Theatre Artist, Sculptor
  6. Beautician, Hairdresser, Make-Up Artist, Nail Artist, Spa and Massage Services
  7. Engineer, Nurse, Assistant Doctor, Junior Medical Staff, Architect
  8. Chef, Culinary Expert, Blogger, Journalist, Subject-Matter Expert
  9. Insurance Agent, Policy Manager, Accountant, Financial Expert/Advisor, Broker
  10. Data Scientist, Content Developer, Digital Media and Broadcasting, Film Crew


Therefore, in conclusion it can be observed that one can pursue top diploma courses after 10th since there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. For individuals with lower incomes and those with families surviving on the bare minimum annual income with large number of family members involved in it, these short-term courses are the most appropriate bargain one could ever ask for! Since these courses are offered to individuals for shorter durations and involve industry oriented experiences and are largely result-oriented, therefore, one can opt for these courses after 10th and specialize in multiple disciplines as opposed to studying one or two subject specializations throughout degree programs. By being able to constantly engage in short-term diploma courses, one can also retain interest in their desired discipline. All in all, one can also manage to work part-time in industries in order to enhance their learning experiences. This is something that cannot be done simultaneously with degree programs due to the intensive workload involved in them.

So, go get that diploma course after your 10th right away!




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