Rejuvenating & Yummy Milkshakes One Must Try This Summer

Rejuvenating & Yummy Milkshakes One Must Try this Summer

1.Gulkand shake

Gulkand, a sweet preserve of rose petals isn’t only mouth-watering but also cools the body almost instantaneously. To make the authentic gulkand shake, in a blender jar simply add 2 spoons of Gulkand, 300 ml of stupefied milk and mix until it’s smooth and frothy. That’s it. Pour it into a glass and your appetizing and cooling gulkand shake is ready to hop on. It is a natural blood purifier, digestive aid, eye tonic and also adds shine to the skin. To take it to the next level, if you can arrange a couple of pan leaves then you can add them too in the same recipe to make a tempting and healthy pan shake.

2.Sabja Kesar Shake

Summers are incomplete without the Sabja or basil seeds. They are not only super cooling but also promote weight loss and have numerous benefits to offer. Kesar, not only cleanses the skin but is among the best anti-inflammatory spice that works on the liver, the centre for controlling body heat. A blender is not required at all to make it. So, to make this healthy and rejuvenating milkshake, first of all, soak a spoon of sabja seeds in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. This will make them soft. Then, grab a little quantity of saffron threads and soak them in warm milk. This will cast its colour and nature. After 10 minutes, strain the water of sabza seeds and put it in a mixing bowl. To this also add the kesar milk. Add about 1 spoonful of jaggery or mishri powder. Mix 250 ml of chilled milk and using a fork or whisker whisk it well. Your healthy, tasty and revitalising sabja kesar shake is ready.

3.Anjeer Shake

Anjeer or dry figs milkshake is not only rejuvenating and mouthwatering but it is among the healthiest milkshakes that you will ever drink. To begin with, take and soak 5–6 dried figs in enough water for a minimum of 4 hours. This will make them delicate and easily blendable. It will enrich their cooling quotient. Now, in a jar add the soaked dried figs, along with the soaked water. It becomes naturally sweet. You can also add cardamon, and mishri powder for more sweetness. Blend to make an anjeer paste. Now add about 250 ml milk and mix until smooth. It’s ready. Garnish it with crushed cashews. Naturally thick, strength-building, heart-healthy and cooling the anjeer shake is worth trying.

4.No coffee cold coffee

People used charred chickpeas as a healthier alternative to coffee. Roast the Chickpeas for 15–20 minutes or till get dark chocolaty brown. On cooling down, grind it to make a fine powder. It smells and tastes just like coffee without the caffeine impact. You won’t accept it until you attempt this. So for the no coffee cold coffee, in a blender put 1 glass of chilled milk, 1 spoon of no coffee powder, 1 spoon of mishri powder and mix until smooth. Pour it into a glass. Enjoy by adding some roasted chickpeas powder on the top. Doubtless, the taste is exactly like cold coffee. Store this powder in an airtight container. It will be safe for three months.

5.Chikoo Shake

Chikoo or Sapota as it is generally known is not just delicious but is amazingly healthy for the bones, skin and hair. When a ripened sweet chikoo is mixed with milk, it becomes additionally nourishing and chilling. Take 2 chikoo ( deseed them) and 250 ml chilled milk. If you want you can add a little jaggery powder for extra sweetness. Turn on the whisker and your naturally sweet, filling and chilling chikoo shake is ready to dig in.

6.Chocolate vegan milkshake

If you are skimming for a dairy-free milkshake formula, then this one is mainly for you. Take 15 cashew nuts and soak for 4–6 hours. In another bowl, soak 3–4 deseeded dates. Add the soaked cashews,200 ml water in a blender and blend it to make a milk-like thickness. Cashew milk is ready. Now, to this, add soaked dates along with a little water they were soaked in. Blend once again. Now add 1 ripe banana, 1 spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, and some ice cubes and blend. With the natural sweetness from bananas and dates, and milk substitutes in the form of cashews. This inviting, wholesome milkshake is ready. Here we have used chestnuts nut in place of dairy milk

7.Milk Badam

Chilled with the goodness of almonds, the classic badam milk can beat most milkshakes in the market for its taste and health benefits. You can make it so easily at home without even a mixer. To start with, soak 10 almonds in water for 6 hours. Then rinse out the water and peeled the almonds. Now, in a mortar, add these peeled-off almonds and little water to make a paste of it. Add 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of water, almond paste, 1 cardamom and little saffron strands in a pan and simmer for approximately 1 hour. Adding water to this have 3 benefits. Firstly, the almonds and herbs will nicely put in their flavours and medicinal properties in the milk. The water will anyway fade away leaving behind milk which gets easily digestible. Also, it is much more useful as there is no requirement to continuously stir it to stop the milk from getting burnt. Cook it on low flame. After 1 hour, badam milk is ready to drink. Give it a fine stir and turn off the flame. Let it cool down. Add mishri powder if you want to sweeten it. Enjoy this beneficial badam milk.

★The best times to drink them are between 11 AM and 4 PM, that’s when the Sun is harsh on us.

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