Photography As A Profession And Career Options

When we see a beautiful beach or a majestic waterfall, or a splendid firework at night, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? To capture the moment! Michelangelo or da Vinci might take to their brushes but we, the laymen, want to capture the moment and preserve it in a tangible form that is accessible to us anytime in the future. Hence came the miraculous gadget called the camera.

Photography As A Profession And Career Options

The first camera that came around 1000AD during the time of Alhazen, has transformed itself radically and has now become a much advanced and easily accessible luxury that anyone can afford. It was indeed one of the most miraculous inventions of humankind – a set-up that can allow small flashes of light to briefly illuminate a photosensitive screen which can later be developed into a positive print with the help of a chemical solution dipping it.

Is that, however, all we know or think about photography? Not really.

If you put 30 photographers in same place, everybody will end up taking different photographs.

There is much more than that. It is a form of developing art that has not yet touched saturation over the centuries. ‘It is all about creativity’ says 21 year old Maulik, a computer science engineering student who has completely taken to photography, leaving his engineering career. It’s been two and a half years now for young aspiring photographer Maulik and there’s no turning back.
“If you put 30 photographers in same place, everybody will end up taking different photographs” says Maulik, who believes that mental image is all that matters and how to implement that vision.

Many youngsters are now taking to photography as a profession and this trend is seen as being quite common amongst many engineering students; Mumbai based photographer, 25-year-old Indrajeet has taken into freelance photography after his graduation from VIT University as a mechanical engineer and is doing a fairly good job.

19-year-old Utsav Patel, an architecture student from Gujarat, who wishes to make photography his secondary profession, believes that every picture that tells a story is an extraordinary picture – it’s more than just capturing the moment.

Photography is a tricky business. The most important thing is clicking the picture at the right time. But some types of photography, like sports photography, fireworks, or wedding photography, leave you with absolutely no scope for retakes. Wedding photography is gaining popularity, and has become a blooming industry, despite being an extremely challenging field. “A photographer has to know a lot about wedding rituals of different religions to get that perfect shot. There is absolutely no chance of retakes,” says Guwahati-based wedding photographer Nayan Jyoti Hazarika, who believes this a brilliant upcoming market.

One major reason being people’s willingness to pay and invest even exorbitant amounts of money for their special day. And what is even more satisfying than receiving a handsome paycheck is the smiles it brings to people’s faces. It’s magical!

Good photography is viral. “If someone with a flair for photography sees one or maybe two successful photographers online he or she comes to believe that become one too,” says 19-year-old aspiring photographer Devansh Parikh.
To own a camera is not enough, one has to put his/her own creative inputs.
The increasing use of internet, the easy publicity and the rampant use of DSLR cameras are promoting photography as a profession to a large extent. Famous professional photographer Ketan Modi from Ahmedabad has been into photography ever since he left his engineering in 1998 and has been extremely dedicated to it. Passion drives him and it is absolutely exemplary how he has decided to follow his passion and give up on his existing career almost a decade and a half ago, when photography was a risky business. Ketan says “A photographer needs to capture the feelings and emotions of the subject. To own a camera is not enough, one has to put his/her own creative inputs”. According to him, photography is capturing a story, capturing the feelings and emotions through the lenses. It’s visual communication.

For people who have a burning passion for photography, let this virility spread. It is a promising field and the most radical thing that has uplifted this profession is the change in outlook towards photography by the common man. It is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. Honing your skills and striving to pursue your passion for photography can prove to be a promising profession soon.


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