10 Brilliant Yet Affordable Gifts For Valentine’s Day

10 Brilliant Yet Affordable Gifts For Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day just a fortnight away, cute mushy hearts are working wonders and love is in the air. Here’s a list of ten affordable gifts for Valentine’s Day that will make your day, and perhaps the night! 😉 

#1 Prepare a Meal

Psst… That famous secret really works! So put that apron on and make your mommy proud. A candlelight dinner with home-made food will just do the trick. Who knows they might even take you to see his parents!

#2 A bouquet of handwritten messages

Roses are a bit cliché. Get your hands on sketch pens and colourful papers and let the Romeo/ Juliet within you do the rest. A bouquet of tiny messages of love is sure to make them drool.

#3 T-Shirt with a message

Plain white t-shirt with your hand prints, a few words of love and your regular scent will give your loved one a good night’s sleep. Make them dump that teddy bear for you.

#4 Memory Jar

Let bits of paperwork do their magic on your beloved. Grab a jar and stuff it with every treasured word you’d ever wanted to say. Write your memories, dialogues and everything that added to the time you spent together and no jar will be big enough.

#5 Go Green

Step out of the reds and go green this Valentine’s. Get messy together and plant teeny-weeny saplings. Mark the day of love and watch them grow with your love!

#6 Paint Away!

If mud is not your idea of getting messy, paint a wall together and each other as well. Scribble and play with the colors to your heart’s content.

#7 Record it!

Work on your vocals and get that husky tone to say it just right. Collect all the songs that remind the two of you of pleasant memories and put it in a CD with a message before each track. Just make sure you have a napkin to wipe those happy tears away.

#8 Make them a website!

There are various sites that make the idea of making websites a child’s play. And if you do have some technical expertise, just make something from scratch!

#9 Temporary Tattoo

Afraid of needles? Get a temporary tattoo of the name or initial of your special one and flaunt the ink.

#10 Have A Baby

Well, love is in the air! Make yourself proud and you’ll get a gift after 9 months – a cute little baby wrapped up in a tiny bundle!

So what are you waiting for? Go knock your special one off their heels!

– Contributor, University Times


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