5 Part Time Online Jobs for College Students

Top 5 Part Time Online Jobs for College Students

The cash crunch bites us all, and makes wonder what can make it go away? Internships sound fun, but sometimes they don’t pay. The desire for a part-time job arises that not only makes our lives a little easier but also a lot interesting. The tricky problem is finding such a job. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. These 5 Part Time Online Jobs for College Students will make you considerably richer than your previously unemployed self without making you get out of bed. The only things you require are Internet connectivity, laptop, and a little talent.

1. Freelance Photography

In an epoch ruled by the selfie fever, If you believe you have a knack for capturing anything from fleeting moments to delicious delicacies or old monuments to modern flourishing ‘Bazaars,’ then it’s time put your DSLRs, and iPhones to some good use. Numerous third party websites that act like marketplaces are providing ample opportunity for amateur and professional photographers to showcase and sell their art (Photos) online. Most notably known are – Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Stockxpert, 123Royaltyfree, Smugmug and many more.

5 Part Time Online Jobs for College Students

2. Start a blog/ Freelance Writing

There are a lot of opportunities for budding writers to earn while they learn. Blog writing is a flourishing yet a competitive area that can pay well. Get yourself registered at any free blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, etc. create good content, rapidly increase your viewership to allure advertisers and thus, get paid for allowing them to advertise on your blog. Sounds easy! Not really. The drawback is, earning through Blogging is a lengthy process and is recommended for only those who are in it for a long haul. If you turn out to be good at it, it might become your profession as it has for thousands across the globe. But if you are looking for a quick buck, then too, there are various freelancing websites which provide writing jobs wherein you submit articles according to employers demands and preferences and get paid accordingly. Most notable of them are Writerlance.com, Freelancewriting.com, thewritelife.com, and many more.

5 Part Time Online Jobs for College students

3. Sell on Etsy 

Etsy is a peer to peer marketplace for handmade arts and crafts wherein the seller directly sells his or her creation through a virtual shop. It is one of the most interesting ways a college student can experience a real-time business environment; wherein you can sell your artistic creations. So anyone who is good with arts and creative enough to create handicrafts should try setting a virtual shop at Etsy, build up your brand and go on to be the next business tycoon. (Sorry, that went a bit too far).

5 Part Time Online Jobs for College students

4. Trading Stocks 

Trading stocks online is a bit tricky business to get a hold of, especially if you are not good with numbers or stock market trading fundamentals. For all those who are, time to put your mock stock expertise and inexplicable ability to gamble on a chance to some good use. A significant chunk of brokering companies now allows their clients to deal in shares through an online portal with minimum interference from a personal agent. All you got to do is to create a DeMat and Trading account before starting to play in the big league. (I did it too, made twice my investment in 4 months then lost all in the next month. Sob-Sob) A word of Caution: – Do a good research regarding the brokerage fee of all the firms study their terms and condition, the understand whose online interface is more convenient and then ‘choose wisely.’

5.  Online Survey Jobs

Yes, as the name suggest, you get paid to give your opinion nobody usually asks for, which are conducted by a variable range of companies for their existing or prospective products, trending market demands, people’s needs and expectations, etc. Websites like Swagbucks, Opinionworld, Opinisurveys.com and much more conduct such online surveys. The pay isn’t hefty, but it might come in handy for a college graduate. This type of part-time job is great for people whose skills don’t comply with the mentioned options. Word of caution: the internet is flooded with fake survey websites, thus make sure you do your background check before logging on.

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