Peek Into DU: Maitreyi College

Named after a legendary scholar of the Vedic times, Maitreyi College for Women has come a long way from its humble establishment back in 1967. With encouraging young and dynamic women and living up-to the name, Maitreyi College has incessantly worked breaking the shackles of the patriarchal societal norms ever since.

Here’s all you need to know about the college:

Easy to Reach

Breaking set norms seems like a routine task for Maitreyians. Its easy accessibility, even though it’s an off-campus college, proves it, again.

Nearest Metro Stations include :-

Durgabai Deshmukh  South Campus Metro Station, you can take a sharing auto from there that will charge ₹20/person, or,

Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station, where you may take an auto which drops you at the college gate itself for ₹20/person.

Maitreyi College

“One of the most beautiful infrastructures in DU”

Maitreyians take immense pride in the infrastructural set up of the college. Decently built, its gardens are its major points of attraction. A student, Ansha, in this regard says,” We have the best infrastructure in south campus and our gardens are our pride! They are really beautiful and have been winning the flowershow for the past two years!”

The College has around 15 well equipped laboratories for practicals in subjects like Computer Science, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics and Electronics. A Book Store offering a wide selection of text and other books along with stationery items and momentos available in the college itself adds significantly to student comfort. The College Canteen serves great and hygienic food at economical rates. Apart from this, a Medical Room in the campus provides for the medical needs of the students and is visited by a doctor on appointed days.

The Classrooms are comfortably built and describing the infrastructural beauty, Ansha adds, ” There are open connecting corridors that are great in winters for students to sit in the sun. We have a small but highly maintained botanical garden which houses a lot of economically important plants. Also, there are small hut like structures in which there are classes…it’s beautiful overall.”

Academics at Maitreyi College

From offering only BA(Pass) and BSc(General) degrees in 1967, at the time is it’s establishment, Maitreyi today offers a range of courses both at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

  • Honours courses in Physical and Life Sciences.
  • Honours courses in Humanities
  • Honours courses for Commerce
  • Post Graduate courses for Mathematics and Political Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology
  • Add-on certificate courses in Web Designing and Journalism

“Our college has quite strict rules regarding the attendance, and teachers take care that all the students attend maximum classes. Library is one of the busiest places after the canteen!”, says Ansha. Adding, she continues,” Teachers are really helpful and the senior teachers have so much experience in their respective fields that it is a privilege to be taught by them”.

Girls colleges = Nerd colleges?

Haha, not really. Scholars as Maitreyians are, these women seem too diverse to call them that. Breaking misconceptions, as aforesaid, doesn’t seem to be taking an effort – it’s just so much present in their blood!

The college is home to a number of extremely vibrant societies including,“…a very active Fashion Society, Galore, which is famous all over DU. Then we have our Photography Society, Vista. I dont know much about the Dance Society, but they work too hard… start practising at 7 in college in the mornin’, no matter how hot or how chilling cold it is! And they are perfect!”, tells another student. The college also has a Debating Society. NCC and NSS too form an important part of extra-curriculars and among these and sports, every student is encouraged to choose at least one. Sports too is highly encouraged and with facilities for team games such as swimming, baseball/soft ball, volleyball, table-tennis, judo, basketball and athletics along with arrangements for coaching in gymnastics, yoga, archery and shooting available, the college defines its motives of total personality development with a careful balancing between academics and co-curriculars.

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Student Buzzpoints?

Plenty, to summarize in a word. From college lawns to the canteen, all you see is your place to chill and live the most of your college days and preserve memories for a lifetime ahead. Walk out of the college and Satya Niketan with its range in cafés and fooding joints is always buzzing with welcoming warmth. Overall, all you see in and around holds the maximum capacity to make your college days nothing short of a delightful experience! So make the most of it peeps!

There you go, Maitreyians!

Shambhavi, University Times


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