5 Things Every Fresher Should Try During College Fests

Fest season is here and there’s a lot of excitement in the air. LSR’s Tarang has set the bar high as the rest of the DU colleges get ready for the following months. Here’s a bunch of things every starry-eyed intoxicated-on-second-sem fresher should definitely try:

  • Everything. You. Can. Lay. Your. Hands. On.

Seriously, go all out. You have money? Spend it. Spend it on chicken tikka rolls, pao bhaji, aloo chat and then some cheesecake. You won’t regret making your tummy happy.

  • Participate in events

If you write, go do slam poetry. If you’re a stage person, make sure you’re participating in something. Even if you think you’re going to suck. And lastly, if you’re a talentless hack like me, at least do one of those beg-borrow-steal kind of events. Because it’s fun. Especially with your new friends!

  • Groove with the music they have

All colleges will probably have a great set lined up for your ears to feast on, so why not go ahead and start dancing wherever you find a flat surface? Best part is, you won’t be coming back to this college again, so no one will know who you are!

  • Buy merchandise

Buy anything that catches your eye (and is affordable). Junk jewelry, nifty stationery, housewares – anything goes!

  • Look at cute boys (or girls) because why the hell not

But please, don’t embarrass your friends by following them around. Trust me, beautiful people who know they’re beautiful also know when they’re being stalked. (It’s a real thing).


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