Is Everyone Happy with DU Reopening?

DU Reopening: Not everyone is happy with the decision taken by the academic council as DU is all set to reopen on February 17th.

Going to college, hanging out with friends & joining societies is pretty much what every student imagines their college life will be in summary. But as the lockdown happened in March 2020, things took a big turn for the students. After 23 months of online classes, DU is finally ready to open. But is everyone happy about this decision?

Many outstation students are concerned about how they’ll manage to find accommodation on such short notice. They have mentioned financial reasons, stating that all colleges do not have on-campus accommodation facilities and a vast majority of outstation students have to rely on PGs and flats which are expensive, especially in south Delhi. It is economically unviable and not pragmatic enough for 80% of students, they said.

A fraction of students are demanding online classes to be continued as usual or at least a hybrid model of teaching.

DU ReopeningThey also said that the last few months of the graduation year play a crucial role in defining the career of a student. Many of them are already placed with different companies in different cities, preparing for competitive exams and university entrances. The sudden opening of DU for two months will create a bustle in their lives.

An online petition to the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University said students must find shelter within three to four days. It also said senior students should be allowed to virtually complete the rest of their semester.

The mid-semester break for the 6th semester starts on 13th March and colleges reopen on 20th March. Exam preparation starts on 28th April. This means outstation students will end up coming to Delhi just for 9 weeks of education. This seems unnecessary and a waste of time, effort, and money.

Besides trying to come to peace with this hasty decision, is it even feasible for the first-year students to start their college lives when their semester is almost ending? Apart from the upcoming exams (for which almost no time is left), it is going to be quite a strenuous task for the first years to adjust to the new offline college life. With the pressure to prepare for the exams, the entire situation is going to induce stress and make the students more anxious since they are completely new to this college system.

“I agree that the transition from online to offline is drastic, but we can’t complete our graduation while sitting at home. Online education is an alternative, not the solution”

-Shiksha Prakash, a student of Kalindi College

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Here are some tips to cope with ‘back-to-college’ woes

1. Take care of the basics. Such as sleeping on time and eating healthy. Don’t let your basic timetable get disturbed.

2. Practice mindfulness. Indulge in exercise and meditation.

3. Positivity. Think about the positive things about your college days, this will encourage you to attend physical classes.

4. Make plans with your mates. Such as going out for brunch after classes or maybe a group study at your place.

5. Socialise. Try to interact with new peers and friends, be social and welcoming.

6. Co-circular activities. Join your favorite clubs to engage yourself in co-circular activities.

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