How to Improve your communication skills in English

I think we all agree that communication skills are important, if we wished to make a good impression and stand out. But we usually have this mind set that communication skills. Can only be improve while we studying in school. And if we don’t have good communication skills. By then we really can’t do anything about it or sometimes we think that we have to spend a lot of money in order to improve our communication skills. Enroll for an expensive public speaking course and only then we can speak English fluently.

So how can you improve your communication skills while studying in college and without a single penny.

Let’s find out:

5 ways how you can improve your communication skills while going through your daily routine as a college Student: –

1.Initiate Conversation with Your Peers

The First way how you can improve your communication skills. By initiative conversation with your peers outside your social circle. We will tell you very simple example – You have a seminar or a guest lecture in your college and you are seated around people from different branches or different program. How many times have you initiated a conversation with somebody seated with your left or right, I guess probably. When you initiate conversation with people not only you learnt how to greed someone.  How to break the ice but you also built a network connection with them that might come useful to you in the future. Do initiate conversations with new people whenever you meet them in college.

2. Read The Subtitles

The next way how you can improve your communication skills. By reading the subtitles of your favorite Tv shows. We are Gen-z and we are hook to watching Tv shows and movies. Finally it can be Prove to your some use so whenever you are watching your favorite Tv show make sure the subtitles are enabled. Read the subtitles carefully along with listening to the audio of the show this will teach you a lot of things it will help you understand different parts of speech like voice modulation, pace of speaking, how and when to take pauses but when you read the subtitles you will also improve your grammar without you even knowing it.

3. Engage In Peer-To-Peer Tutor Relationships

The third way how you can improve your communication skills. Here I mean your writing skill is by engaging in peer-to-peer tutor relationships. This is the best way to improve your English writing skills. So, whenever you have a college assignment.

For example- A project report catch hold for friend and ask them to review your assignment for you and you do the same for them. You don’t have to review the technical skills but you should check the grammar and language of the assignment and ask your friend to do the same for you. When you review your friend assignment you are training your brain to evaluate things critically. And at the same time you are paying attention to the rules of the grammar and language subconsciously. when your friends review your assignment and shares the feedback with you. Then you can look at your mistakes and improve upon them. The entire exercise is going to be a tremendous help for you improve your writing skills.

4. Read On Daily Basis

The fourth way how you can improve your communication skills is reading something on a daily basis. And by that I don’t mean of posts on Instagram and Facebook you never going to learn English reading from those posts. What you should do is to take out 30 minutes of your daily time in reading something. If you like following the news and being updated. You can read the newspaper or download the app on your phone. If you like reading the blogs you can do that as well. You can also pick up the story book to read. In fact, you can do bunch of reading everyday consisting of different things. Reading is definitely going to improve your communication skills, build your vocabulary and it will also help you in your appearing interview and group discussion in future.

 It’s a good habit to read something everyday.

5. Join Public Speaking Clubs and Competitions

Coming to the fifth way how you can improve your communication skills and here we are going to talk about speaking skills in particular. A lot of students ask this question- How can we improve our speaking skills? Answer to this is practice speaking and you will improve your speaking skills, but personally I believe this is the only formula that works. This Idea has worked for many people. You can keep practicing on the daily basis to improve. What you can do is go out of your way inn college to join a public speaking club.

For Example- Drama Club or participate in competitions like debates or MUNs. When you participate in these cubs and competitions it will help you. In improving public speaking skills or overcome your stage fright and also boost your confidence. In fact, when you are a part of these societies and competitions you will also make new friends.

These are the few ways how you can improve your communication skills while going through your normal daily routine as a college student.


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