How To Come Up With Daily Writing Topics

How to come up with daily writing topicsWhen you first begin writing and find it enjoyable, you’ll want to do it every day. Finding daily writing topics can be difficult, and it can occasionally become much more difficult when you don’t know where to start. Thoughts always accumulate in our heads, but what we really need and want is to choose the correct subject or to accomplish it in a positive manner.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to find what to write everyday:

Use Your Resources

Although we are constantly surrounded by stories and anecdotes, we are often unaware of it. Some are evident, some are not. Some are noteworthy and worth telling; others are not. The ones we miss the most, nevertheless, are not necessarily visible to us. This will help you notice such stories around you if you keep writing in your head and maintain your attention on it.

Reading / Books / Internet

Reading is one of the best ways to generate ideas. You will learn and become aware about many things whether you read a book, conduct online research, or simply read posts on social media. Some will be noteworthy, as I mentioned above, while others won’t. Your head will be overflowing with writing ideas in either scenario, though.

You may also observe what’s popular and learn how to develop articles that are more likely to go viral by reading on the internet or social media. As opposed to reading books on history or the economy, which can be good sources for new ideas.

Family / Friends / People

In our daily interactions with a variety of people, whether brief or prolonged, we often share stuff. Any statement a person makes can be a fantastic headline for your upcoming article. Usually, writing about your family, family members, or any event that is somehow connected to your family is excellent and simple. Even though posting this online could be a little more personal for you, you can always use an alias and avoid using your real name.
They are also an excellent source of friends. Any discussion you have with them or any tale they tell you can serve as inspiration for a blog piece. This allows you to increase your resource capacity. Naturally, it is usually a good idea to get your friend’s approval before writing about it.

Even if you do not personally know someone, they may be able to give you the right topic for your essay. Think about your bus or train ride to work. You interact or converse with many people. There are always a few intriguing ones nearby. Here’s one idea you might have while using public transportation: “Why you shouldn’t chat on the phone in public with a loud voice.”

Professional Life / Work

Our occupation typically constitutes the largest portion of our circle of competence and is what we know the most about. Writing or speaking about a subject that falls within your area of expertise is always simple. Finding subjects from this circle is also simpler because it is easy to write about. Therefore, there are various topics on which you might write about your work or profession. whatever you are interested in or working on. even something that occurred at work.


In addition to your job, your hobbies might be a great source of inspiration for writing. One of them must be a writer somehow. Your passions are typically the most entertaining subjects to write about because you enjoy them and want to talk and write about them. You’d probably concur that your interests might inspire a lot of articles.

Keep Going and Write Often

It could be challenging for you to come up with new topics to write about. Your own life, though, is an endless source of inspiration. Continue on, keep your mind open, and be open to new ideas at any time. Consider the narratives in your environment. You will notice that the ideas come to you on their own when you do that, keep writing in your life, and write enough.

However, if you’re still stuck for ideas, you can just check Twitter or Google Trends. This will assist you in determining what is popular or being spoken about.

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