How DU Supports Applicant Through Course Enrollment and Selection

The new system introduced this year reduces the role of universities in Delhi University admissions, but we are exploring ways to help students apply and choose their preferences.

This year, the university will conduct a centralized selection committee based on the results of the Uniform University Examination (CUET). While the university has previously set its own program scope limits based on an analysis of program popularity and class XII applicants’ results, this year the university grants places based on applicants’ stated preferences and results based on their position in CUET results. inclination.

The role of the university in this system is limit to accepting or refusing to admit specific applicants after verification of the submitted documents.

However, many universities have created online support services on their websites to provide support to applicants. Universities such as Lady Shri Ram Women’s College, Ramjas College and Hindu College have uploaded the numbers of admissions or help desk administrators and even faculty members from other faculties so that candidates can upload their questions.

Delhi University has created a lot of digital content to help students through the application process. He has uploaded all the public webinars he hosted and created online instructional videos to answer students’ questions. He also provides some detailed examples to show how student eligibility and benefits for various programs are determined based on the CUET thesis you are trying to achieve. We collected all this information from college admissions sites such as Indraprastha College for Women and Hansraj College.

However, the materials created by DU are not intended to help students. Decide which colleges and programs to choose and in what order they prefer. Some universities are exploring ways to provide some form of counseling to their students

Miranda House’s online admissions office also includes materials completed by DU and email addresses of university staff. Universities are trying to find other ways to help students during the recruitment phase.

“Candidates might not be fully aware. All the different colleges they can apply to and how to rank their preferences. One thing we can do is list our last year’s cut-offs for our different program, and also list out different colleges in which aspirants can apply for the same program with their last year’s cut-offs. It could help them with understanding their options. Cut-offs are information in the public domain and may help candidates. In understanding the ‘status’ of the program in the different colleges,” said Miranda House principal Bijayalaxmi Nanda.

Members of the Ramjas College Admissions Committee also welcome inquiries from applicants. Is wishing to obtain detailed information about the programs offered and the teaching staff of the university. The participant said, “We will meet in a few days and find a way to help students even more.”

The creation of an affinity in the second phase of the approval process will last until October 10.




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