To date, less than a third of CUET applicants have applied to the University of Delhi

Of the 600,000 applicants who expressed an interest in studying at the University of Delhi (DU) when applying for the Common University Entrance Examination (CUET), less than half applied to the University.

Haneet Gandhi, Dean of Admissions at DU, said on Monday evening that about 2,000 applicants have applied to DU on the new admissions portal (Common Seat Allocation System) CSAS.

DU has received a total of 2.87000 undergraduate (UG) applications, from 3.53 lakh in 2020 to 3.53 lakh in 2020. Given the significant interest of CUET applicants, the number of applications is expect to increase this year. DU started applying on the CSAS portal on September 26th. However, given the current progress, the number of applications should be the same as in the previous year.

At the end of Phase 2 on October 10, Gandhi said, “Before the first round of seating begins, a mock scroll will be released so that students know where they are standing and which windows they will open. It’s open. , students can then change the order of their choices.

“We are also trying to create a portal for students where they can report expected course dates and courses they are applying for and the number of people enrolled in the same course they want. This is the goal we want to set for our students,” she said.

When asked about the initial seat allocation list, DU registrar Vikash Gupta said: New CUET, new CSS. We don’t want to put pressure on our children. So we gave them time and worked as slowly as possible.”

Professor Haneet Gandhi adds: “The list of preferences is huge, with over a thousand combinations, and students need time to sort through these preferences. We want parents and students to have enough time to choose the appropriate preferences and sequences.”
“Students can choose their preferences from multiple universities on the CSAS portal. The portal itself displays courses suitable for students and can have over a thousand preference combinations.

The university has several colleges that offer specialized courses that students can easily take. We also have a system for determining equality for those who can get the same result,” the secretary said.

“So far, no analysis or details have been made on applications receive in other categories,” Gandhi said.




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