Hidden Gems: Vocational Courses Getting Attention in Delhi University


“College of Vocational Studies is a part of Delhi University which transcends the boundaries of traditional education and offers B. A. (vocational studies)”

12th class students spend their entire final year at school in a frenzy. Tuitions, sample papers, career advice from chachas, chachis, mummy, papa, pets— you get the point! Even post the boards you barely get a month (or not even that) of peace and then you’re back in the rat race, worrying about entrances, admissions, and all that jazz. We, at University Express, are here to make all of this easier for you.

college of vocational studiesNow, a lot of you are probably aiming to become part of Delhi University. Let me guess, you’re thinking Economics or B.Com or there’s not much point, right? Well, no! There is, in fact, more to Delhi University than its honours courses.

College of Vocational Studies is a part of Delhi University which transcends the boundaries of traditional education and offers B. A. (vocational studies) in:

  1. Tourism
  2. Office management and secretarial practise
  3. Small and medium enterprises
  4. Materials management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Marketing management and retail business
  7. Management and marketing of insurance

The minimum percentage of marks required for admission to the B.A. (Vocational Studies) Programme is 40% and admissions to the programme are done on the basis of the marks secured by the student in the qualifying examination out of the four best subject including one language. Students are given a weight-age of five marks in their favor if they studied vocational subjects— that have direct connection with the programme— at +2 level.

Like the sound of that? Well then, keep an eye out for the cut offs for these vocational courses and visit www.cvs.edu.in for more details. Not all of us have to take the road that has been tread on by way too many people. Find what floats your boat the best, and pursue it. Go for it, even if it isn’t what Sharmaji ka beta is doing.

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