College Quarter – Life Crisis

“When we enter college, there are hopes and dreams. But as graduation draws to an end, we feel helpless and experience emotional upheavals, even when we are prepared for the unseen and the uncertain future.”

There comes a time in all our lives when we sit and think probably about uncountable things happening to us. A crisis is termed as a turning point. The two major turning points in any individual’s life are in the 20s and 50s known as quarter-life crisis and mid-life crisis respectively. Rest of the time we are either following the decisions or cursing them. Midlife crisis has both the aspects of our life’s achievements and losses on possibly all the grounds be it emotional, financial or social.

College Quarter

Belonging to an age of experiencing of the ‘College Quarter-life Crisis’, I believe there are just a few lucky people who remain content with everything they have achieved and all hence all the actions. More than the minimum majority belongs to that anxious deep thinker who is shuffling between right and wrong possibly every time and can no longer comfort themselves in any zone. You are on a roller coaster ride within incredibly short intervals and there is no stop button to it in the universe. Overthinking, emotional burst out, professional and personal breakouts are always on a high and the most demanding aspect remains time. You have less time, fear of growing up and make plans to fit in the conventional society or so to say have a good career and start a family. Simultaneously you hear the echoes of ‘do what your heart feels’ and the ‘changing times’ when you don’t know the heart much and the overwhelming changes disturb you. Love happens but in an incredibly imperfect fashion, friends made, friends gone and you are grown up for your family so basically you can’t make mistakes. Whatever you choose has to be the best for you when the situations will be at their unfavourable best.

Quarter life crisis belongs to the early twenties when you are financially dependent partially if not completely. People, friends and cousins expect your normal self when you have had a bad experience or incident and you want to keep it to yourself since there is a constant fear of being judged, the constant fear of making a wrong decision and the repercussions.

“You feel paralysed by indecision, and you do not know who to turn to, and with whom to share the burden of your thoughts and the fear of failure.”

College QuarterThis crisis is inexplicable and beyond words. The catch is to let it pass peacefully, to simply be what you think you are, to not set in some definition of perfect, to grab the opportunities and to be the smartest because there is nothing that will break you down until you decide you want to. Let’s hope and do all that is required to triumph this battle called the quarter life crisis and be the happiest in our later ones.

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