Foreign Language Courses at Hindu College, Delhi University

If you enjoy learning new languages but are unable to pursue a full-time degree in a foreign language due to another full-time degree or work, you can choose from DU’s short-term courses. Short-term courses help you grow individually and give you a competitive edge.

There are two alternatives available to students at the University of Delhi for studying a foreign language.
1. Part-time courses (Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma).
2. Full-time degree programs offered full-time (BA, MA, M.Phil, and Ph.D.)

At Delhi University, there are over 24 DU colleges offering a variety of foreign language courses. Hindu College is one such institution. French, German, Spanish, and Russian certificate programs are available at Hindu College on a part-time basis.

Hindu College of Delhi University opened applications for a part-time certificate course in foreign languages (French, German, Russian and Spanish). Each language course is for a period of 1 year. For further details or queries, interested applicants can find detailed information about the language courses on Hindu College’s official website

Foreign Language Courses

1 French Alliance Française de Delhi 1 Year
2 German Goethe Institute 1 Year
3 Russian University of Delhi 1 Year
4 Spanish Instituto Cervantes 1 Year


The college requested applicants to submit their application forms before the deadline notified by the college.


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