Eight Best Moments from How I Met Your Mother

As we still remember the Legendary show that changed the way we’d look at “sandwiches” and watering holes (McLaren’s is THE place to drink “but-umm’s” up) forever. So, here’s the part where you bring out those boxes of tissues, and bawl your eyes out, because God (“WADDUP?”) knows we’re doing it too.

So here’s presenting…wait for it…the best moments from How I Met Your Mother:

1) HIMYM has given us more pearls of puns than we could possibly handle (“WHY IS ELLEN DEGENERES IN OUR BEDROOM?!” – a very unforgiving Marshall to Blonde Ted), but this one from the episode Intervention(Season 4) is the stuff every pun-dit’s wet dreams are made of:

RobinBarney, this is an intervention.

“Old” Barney: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.

Marshall: Enough with the “old man” bit.

“Old” Barney: What about the old sand pit?

Lily: Let it go.

“Old” Barney: “Let It Snow”? I love that old ditty!

Ted: I’m getting my flail.

“Old” Barney: You’re setting sail?

2) Let’s Go To The Mall! : The 80s might have come to Canada in ’93, but the Mall culture truly arrived in India as a long after-thought to the Economic Liberalisation, meaning- Robin, our generation owes you one for giving every Indian’s favorite pastime its croon-ing glory. Even if it’s just us singing, “Com’on on Jattiyee, Com’onSoniii/Let’s go to the Mall, I won’t be leery”. Speaking of favorite pastimes, we solemnly swear to build Sandcastles in the Sand too.

3) Definitions, Episode 1, Season 5: Here’s how it goes down – Lily locks up Barney and Robin together in a room, and using various instruments of torture (A delicious breakfast out of reach), forces them to ‘fess up to each other. The pair of them decide to humour Lily, and go with it, eventually walking out of the house together while being delighted at how easily they could manage to bluff their way of the situation, at which point Ted remarks –

“”ou do realize they were lying, right?”

“No, Ted,” Lily replies. “They don’t realize they weren’t lying.”


4) Ted’s 2-Minute Date – If express-dating is your thing, then Ted Mosby’s the way to be. Anyone who wasn’t rendered weepy by Ted’s elaborately planned date for Stella could be only be, at a very conservative estimate, a Cyborg. Yeah, chew on that Chewbacca (More power to you if you get the Stella-and-Star-Wars reference).

5) When Ted follows Stella to confront her, but after seeing her living happily with Tony (The Douche) and their daughter, does a round-about, and Future Ted says, “Kids, You may think your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone’s face, but there’s a third option: You can just let it go, and only when you do that it is really gone and you can move forward. And that wasn’t the end of my love story. Mine was still out there, waiting for me.” Cue Regina Spektor’s ‘Better’, and we have a winner!

6) Sexy new co-worker at Marshall’s workplace – Jenkins –  kisses him on a whim. Marshall is smarting from a remark by Lily, and is looking for a way to equalize the balance in their relationship. Thus, he hatches his very own Marshall plan to make Lily jealous by having Jenkins fess up to Lily. And like every good wife should, Lily promptly punches her in the nose, but not before yelling, “Nobody kisses my future baby daddy but me”. Lily, you go gurrrl!

7) Symphony of Illumination – The episode opens with Robin telling her future kids a story. Once upon a Christmas, Robin, obviously upset, refuses to open up about what’s bothering her. So what does Ted do? Like all good still-hungover ex-boyfriends, he decides to forego his Cleveland trip, and instead lighten up Robin’s mood by lighting up her house. Turns out, Robin was upset over the fact that she wouldn’t ever be able to have kids, at which point we realize that the kids shown at the beginning of the episode were all but a figment of Robin’s imagination. Hands-down the best tear-jerker of all time.

8) Season 9 – Season 9 has some brilliant moments, but a few worth remembering are the last few minutes of The Lighthouse episode (Robin and Barney’s mum’s tearful reconciliation, plus Ted proposes to The Mother), Lily making it known that she’s preggers with her second kid (in a flash-forward, we see that their family shifts to Paris soon after),  Barney’s Canadian thanksgiving present for Robin, The How Your Mother Met Me episode in its entirety, Ted’s revelation of his future kids’ names…well, we could go on.

We might forever remember HIMYM by the phrases “Suit Up!” and “Haaave you met Ted?”, which are bound to rear their heads in our daily conversations periodically, but truth be told, HIMYM gave us even better things to live by – Hope, and a very Yellow Umbrella.

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