DUET 2022: NTA publishes the schedule of examinations for Delhi PG entrance test

The National Examinations Board has announced the dates of the 2022 University of Delhi entrance exams for postgraduate and doctoral admissions for the 2022-23 academic year. Applicants can view the official announcement at nta.ac.in.

Examinations will be on 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 October. Testing is carry out only in the mode of computerized testing (CBT). The application process is carry out by the University of Delhi.

Additional data for cities and ticket notification lists will be published later. Details will be publish in the DUET newsletter – nta.ac.in/Duet Exam.

The University of Delhi offers a total of 76 master’s programs. Delhi University is recruiting admission to UG based on CUET and PG through DUET.

The application process for admission to Delhi University PG starts on April 6th.

Meanwhile, St. Stephen’s College is likely to appeal the Delhi High Court’s decision on the admission process. He will request temporary assistance for one year to carry out his usual admission.

A source told PTI that the university’s governing body, the highest decision-making body, met on Tuesday and decided to move the Supreme Court.

St. Stephen’s College has stated that it will use weighted 85% and 15% weighted CUET scores for face-to-face interviews for admission to UG. HC Delhi has decided that it should follow DU’s admissions policy which assigns 100% CUET points.



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