St. Stephen’s College has challenged Delhi HC’s decision on the DU admissions process

CUET UG 2022: St. Stephen’s College is likely to challenge the recent Delhi High Court admission order and seek “temporary assistance” to resume admissions this year as usual, a source said on Tuesday.

Members of the university’s governing body, the university’s highest decision-making body, met Tuesday to discuss future action and decided to appeal the supreme court’s ruling to the supreme court, one member said on condition of anonymity.

This comes just days after the supreme court ordered the university to follow the admissions policy formulated by the University of Delhi, which required the overall score of the University Entrance Examination (CUET)-2022 to be weighted 100% for students on admission.. prime for his bachelor’s degree.

It said the college was authorise to conduct interviews, in addition to the CUET, only to admit Christian students but it cannot force non-minority candidates to additionally undergo an interview.

The university says it will count 85%of CUET scores and 15% of physical interviews for “entrants of all categories”.

The University of Delhi said its decision to “nullify” college admissions that violated CUET rules was “firm” as the university refused to cancel its admission interview process.

The source said that 17 members of the governing body attended Tuesday’s meeting, five of whom oppose the proposal to move to a higher court.

However, the university leadership decided to challenge the Supreme Court’s ruling…and appealed to the Supreme Court. The university will seek temporary legal protection for admission through an interview”.

The Supreme Court ruling on September 12 follows a petition file by lawyers and college students on the legality of unconditionally granting seats to minorities in undergraduate courses.




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