DU Admissions 2022: The second stage begins. 9 things you need to know

The second phase of admission to the University of Delhi starts on 26  September. This is the most important step in admission as registered applicants must indicate their preference for DU-affiliated programs and universities in the Common Place Allocation System (CSAS). DU encourages candidates to enter the maximum number of preferences and read the UG Newsletter carefully before confirming program and college preferences.

Both first and second phase of admission ends on October 10. We take you through all the steps of this phase:

1. The second phase will display a list of program on the portal that the candidate is eligible for. This will be based on the eligibility criteria for each program and the normalized CUET scores of the candidate.

2. Applicants are not required to enter results. The CSAS system automatically populates the top 4 scores based on item combinations.

3. Candidates can select any number of program that they wish to pursue. Remember, you can select all program if you want.

4. The portal displays the names of universities offering the program chosen by the candidates.

5.  Candidates can choose the program and the college combinations they wish to seek admission to. They may give any number of preferences.

6. A new window displaying all the selections made will open up.

7. Candidates can reshuffle the order based on their preferences.

8. Candidates will have to confirm their preferences in the next step. You are request to adhere to the deadline. If your preferences are not confirm till the last date (October 10), your last saved preference order will be lock automatically and will become the basis of the allocation of seats.

9. Please note that once the preferences are submit, no changes can be made.





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