DU Admissions 2022: Everything You Need to Know About Delhi University Admissions Phase

Tomorrow begins the second phase of the admission cycle at the University of Delhi. However, this does not mean that the first stage (see unified Seat Allocation Systems or CSAS Registration) ends today. Starting tomorrow, students can apply or apply to DU at the same time until October 10th and indicate their college and program preference rather than just submitting an application.

Admission is one of the most important steps in applying to the University of Delhi (DU) this year, so here is everything you need to know about Phase 1 before Phase 2 starts tomorrow.

To register with DU, you must first:

  1. Fill out the application form on the ACCO portal. Applicants who declared their intention to enroll in DU at the time of registering for the CUET exam can use their university’s general entrance test or CUET number to register on the DU CSAS portal.
  2. The One Time Password or OTP will be send to your register email address.
  3. After entering OTP, click “New Registration” and create a password to access the form and registration data.
  4. You can then fill out a preliminary form.

The preliminary form is divide into six different sections:

A. Personal Section: The three components under the tab (name, photo, and caption) cannot be changed. This data is automatically fill in the CUET form in the CSAS system. The National Board of Examinations (NTA) has opened an edit window for those wishing to make changes to the CUET registration form. During the correction period ending September 15, applicants will also have the opportunity to submit their DU to university of their choice if they have not already submitted their DU.

In this section, you can enter personal information such as bank details, social category, and gender.

B. Academic Section: Here you need to enter information about the grades of grade 12. Theoretical and practical estimates can be entered separately. The practice section can be supplement by internal and sessional exams. If the candidate has no practical value, you can simply enter”0″.

DU officials have repeatedly advised to take careful notes on the board, as two candidates with the same CUET score will be used as a draw if they apply to the same program and university.

C. The Third Section: Reserved for candidates wishing to apply for DU under ECA and Sports quota.
D. Document Upload Section: You must ensure that all relevant documents are valid and in the required format, as DU will not replace incomplete or unusable certificates/ documents in the future.
E. The Fifth Section: All applicants can review the form before submitting it.
F. The Final Section: It directs the applicants to the payment gateway. The application fee for the UR/OBC-NCL/EWS category is Rs 250 and SC/ST/PwBD candidates must apply for Rs.100. There is an additional fee of Rs.100 FOR Submitting an additional ECA/ sports offer.

The application fee is Non-Refundable.

This is the first time that the NTA conducts a joint undergraduate entrance examination at Chung-Ang University. Universities that are part of the DU do not list examinations individually.


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