Delhi University: UG Approval open webinar series kicks off today

The University of Delhi (DU) will launch a series of open webinars on Tuesday to guide the new admissions process based on the results of the Common University Entrance Examination (CUET) and choice of preferences, officials said.

We are planning 5 webinars. The first webinar will take place on Tuesday afternoon on the topic “UG Admissions Description Based on the Consolidated Seat Allocation System (CSAS)-2022”.

The second webinar on Wednesday afternoon will focus on the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework, a new four-year undergraduate program introduced to newly admitted students. The next webinar will cover sports quota eligibility, ECA and booking policies.

Applicants who have successfully completed the level 1 application process should continue to prioritize their program and university. Applicants who have not yet completed stage 1 can do so now and proceed to stage 2. We recommend choosing the maximum number of preferences for adding/editing programs and colleges after that end of the stage. Preferential treatment is not allow, the minister said in a statement.

The second phase of the DU admissions process begins on Monday, and applicants must, in order of preference, choose the program they want to consider for undergraduate admission, as well as the program and university they want to attend. Registration is open until October 10th.



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