CBSE Board Exams 2024: Preparation Tips.

Without any doubt, Board examinations are a crucial step in any student’s life. In India, students are required to sit for the Board examinations twice in their life, once in class 10 and later in class 12th.

Considering it to be the crucial years, many times students find it difficult to concentrate due to anxiety and a feeling of fear to fail to pop out now and then.

While preparing for the exams they devote hours to understanding the concepts but even then they find it difficult to remember the key points. It should be known that there is no point in studying without having a proper study plan. Your goals should be higher than your previous performance to score excellent marks in your upcoming examinations. 

Design your study plan in such a way that you have enough time to revise the entire syllabus before the examinations. Remember that all the subjects when brought together would decide your final result, so give equal importance to every subject. Give equal importance to the language subjects, they act as supporting pillars to score a better percentage.

Here are the pointers that would be helping you to study and prepare well for your upcoming Board examinations.

1) make yourself comfortable with the type of questions that could be asked in the paper

2) go through the sample papers of the exams, study them, and understand the pattern.

3) Know your syllabus thoroughly

4) identify your weak subjects and topics for better revision.

Students must do regular practice of assignments and solve numerical in maths and science. Devoting your time every day would be beneficial to eliminate the stress that may occur due to exams and improve productivity in the subjects.

Don’t keep yourself Limited to one book, refer to the internet for various topics, search the library for references, find study material from other tutors, and try doing as many extra questions as you may find on any topic.

Understanding your subject and what they demand during preparation time is necessary. For example– social science being theoretical would be demanding extra hours to study and frame sentences for the perfect technique of answering.

Tips for preparation – 

1) try reading the newspapers daily as now the exams not just test your ability within the books but now it is more of your awareness around you.

2) familiarise yourself with the literature that you study in class

3) the subjects of language capability such as English and Hindi require a predefined writing skill, therefore stick to the formats that are followed by the board.

4) double check your answer sheet before submitting. Make sure there is a correct usage of grammar.

 5) exam patterns and syllabus

before starting the preparation go through the exam pattern and syllabus of your class whether 10th or 12th. This step would help you to know the marking scheme, types of questions that could be asked, and details.

 6) prepare a timetable

it is a very basic and a very vital step for the preparation of the board exams. A Well-defined plan in the form of time table would be fruitful to achieve a targeted goal. 

Making a timetable helps you to divide equal time for each subject. Studying in well defined time frame is far better than studying in rush hour.

Devote more time to subjects that you may find difficult.

7) check on sample papers and previous year’s question paper

solving the previous year’s papers give you an idea about the pattern and boosts your confidence at another level. This is a good way to analyze your weak point and give you ample time to prepare for those.

Regular solving of question papers would increase your speed which would be beneficial on your exam date.

8) take a break

revising for long hours can be very tiring and frustrating as well. Try taking some breaks between and stretching your body to relax.

9) make some strategy

especially for the language examinations, you are required to stick to a certain word limit. To follow the word limit, just write the relevant information and there is no need for extra information. It should be noted that exaggeration of the word limit can cause you loss of marks.

Prepare your strategy during the 15-minute reading time that is allotted before starting the paper.

10) do not use slang

we are living in a social media era that is obsessed which slang and jargon. Try not to use them during the exams. Use simple language that would give the examiner a perfect understanding of the answer that you are trying to give.

Using simple and understandable language increases your chance of scoring good marks whereas slang and jargon can cost you a loss of marks.

 –Many students try escaping when it comes to maths. It is one of those subjects that demands conceptual knowledge. Fear and anxiety towards the subject are common among the students. It can only be overcome when you have developed the correct understanding and concept of the topics. It can only be achieved when you practice questions and sample papers every day. 

Proper time management for mathematics is crucial. Have a stopwatch beside you while practicing sums to improve speed and performance. 

For class 10th maths geometry, algebra and mensuration have a maximum weightage in the exams, therefore giving more time to revising them.

 At last, Exams are a part of life, and even though they’re a crucial factor for your major classes such as 10th and 12th, try not to make them something that defines who you are as a person. Remember, exams are conducted for the understanding of students over any topic. 

 Do not stress out before your papers and try staying calm. Have a proper intake of healthy and nutritious food, take care of your health, do regular exercises, go for a walk, and meet your friends. Apart from studying for hours try giving yourself some time to relax too. During your examination time, it is very important to look for yourself too, do stuffs that make you happy. It will keep you motivated to study and to perform well.


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