A Warning Letter to DU Aspirants

While batches of students pump into the country’s best undergraduate university each year, not all expectations are met with. Delhi University, hailed high for its name does not suit up to fulfill a lot many aspirations that young new waves of people sign up for, keeping their zeal and fervor unmatched in the gush to set their career or arrive at the finale of a long drawn admission process. Having studied here for two years now, I feel I am equipped to answer this question, for I like a majority of students am highly dissatisfied with the course curriculum, the infrastructure, and the way things function in DU in general.

Your degree of satisfaction from a college/university is always with reference to what you had in mind before joining it. And most of us, more often than not have estimated the university to be satisfaction granted spot through a back of the envelope calculation. But we will give you a reality check here. DU, as regardless for some could be the ‘best’ to be a part of, we will tell you why we think that no one talks about the real picture.

The faculty through a big boost up in many colleges is a mess in most others. While you might certainly at some point in your course take all blame on yourselves for not being absorbent enough in class, the ground reality will keep you astonished, and you might suffer a defeat on your face. Why? Because it will happen for a gross 70 percent of chances that the professor is deadly dull and dreary and lacks the motivation to teach, not of high order skills at teaching, and is lazy enough as much as to not tell you what readings you could supposedly do for your course. Informal scrutiny taken from batches passing out each year also has the same vengeance harbored in their minds and hearts and has a lot to point out, starting from the waste that they entertained by attending classes and going for ‘important’ lectures, which apparently are nothing more than catering to a decent attendance score. The pitiable nature of the students during the pre-exam time (also due to lack of self exercise) is much owing to the under-performing nature of the faculty during class hours. Also, learn right here that you are not supposed to say no to any endeavor that your ‘department’ expects from you. We will still leave that to your discretion.

Let’s talk about infrastructure. While college buildings would look fine from the outside and in highly digitized filtered images, dilapidated benches, desks, walls, canteens, and sitting messes are very common. Apart from a few really well structured hostels, the vast majority would get to experience life in a horrible conditions. The labs and computers in many colleges are in dire need of repair. While it is a generally understandable thing that not all colleges can afford Air conditioning in all the classrooms, there are few whose libraries and reading rooms are devoid of the same.

Objectively speaking, infrastructure could be something you might be the most disappointed with. If you are looking for hostels, do alarm yourself of the ceaselessly strict incompetent, and vague hostel rules. If you are women who like being at liberty, hostels would be the prime hindrance. They will sweat you with reasons why gender inequality in terms of curfew lines is ‘logically justified’.

The curriculum is a rote mess, a pure mess. With years of deliberation and discussion as to what Delhi University’s academic structure should be, the university has not stopped changing course patterns and syllabi for students each year. This is frustrating because you honestly do not get much to follow up on from the previous batches (following up is important, for you are mostly clueless in class as much in life, thanks to faculty) and because a freshman life is very difficult at the start. From FYUP to CBCS, the university has been meddling with a series of academic games that is of utter displeasure to the students as well as to teachers. Chances are fair, that you might end up knowing more about your credits than your honors because the level of learning (at least in the current scenario)is almost equitable to the way you learn things in school.

The fests too are not very glam according to many people. I here would refrain from making a comment, for all nature of fun varies from person to person and from college to college. While you might like to see your favorite film stars on campus, occasional shooting could also be a major hindrance in the regular affairs of the college and more so for the hostels.

Job opportunities though meager, your intelligence could save you, for we all know that nothing beats wisdom. It is, however, to be acknowledged that the university gives you a very friendly approachable crowd, a great pack of good opportunities around, and great spirits and energy lifts, and with a little bit of wisdom, you can figure your way out.

Shredding criticalities apart, DU undoubtedly has been a boon to many. UE wishes all the DU aspirants a great way ahead. Despite all ills, we would categorically say this to you- the university could be overrated or underrated, but it is great if it is a fit for you.

Editorial – University Times


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