6 Reasons to Join Societies in Delhi University


The simple old adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” is how I can best convince you to go join college societies. There are a plethora of opportunities available for every passion in the colleges of DU. There are Dance, Dramatics, Music, Debating, Creative Writing societies, Enactus, Commerce Society, and Literary Society in each college. You’ve got many options to explore your passion.

Societies in Delhi UniversityHere are 6 reasons why you should join a society in your 3 years of college life:


1. Because the friends that let you copy their notes aren’t the only friends you need.

It’s amazing to have friends in your class just like in the good old school days. But college expands your social life and opportunities,  vividly. It’s not only about networking and making contacts. For some students, their society people become just like their family, their second home. Cherish this feeling and these memories will keep you warm for years to come, trust me!


2. Because outstation trips during college should serve more than just one purpose

Department trips aren’t the only college trips you get. You get a chance to travel a lot more with your society, both in the city and outside of it. You’ll see yourself participating in various other fests and competitions outside of your campus, which obviously would entail outstation travelling. Bonus if there’s strong affiliation in the society, because then you might also have leisure and pleasure trips of your own.


3. Because you probably won’t be slouching in your sofa at home after classes otherwise

When you make your society a regular part of your college life, it leaves you brimming with a kind of energy which is truly infectious. When you’re a junior, you’ll have your seniors as your mentors; and when you become a senior yourself, you’ll be taking up those leadership positions, irrespective of the fact whether you’re the president or not. Honestly, this feeling of active participation really keeps one upbeat and going.


4. Because it could be the launch pad that will help you reach for the stars

Imtiaz Ali founded the dramatics society of his college, Arjun Rampal was a part of the fashion society, Konkona Sen Sharma belonged to the Shakespeare Society…do you see a pattern here?

Yes, your society can provide you a solid base to hone and craft your skills; it is a platform to achieve your fullest potential. In addition, your society members can even keep you updated on newer opportunities and experiences, a practice which can continue even after you graduate.

5. Because it could make you stand out from the crowd

If your to-do list includes personal and professional growth, your college society holds the key to it. Being a part of a society lends you soft skills along with that certificate. So even if the society you’re a part of doesn’t align with your career exactly, you could still benefit from it by boosting your overall employment appeal. Yes, it really does constitute a killer line on your CV.


6. Because it’s free

Okay, please don’t sue me if they charge Rs. 10 for the registration form by chance.

For the uninitiated, college societies generally receive sufficient funding from the college, provided you’re a good, hardworking society. Otherwise, roping in sponsors for organising your society’s fest is a sure-shot way of ensuring the needful.

So no, you don’t require shelling out money from your own pocket.

Thus, if you don’t want to end up as a grumpy, old, regretful graduate, do try it out once! There is a society out there for everyone. If not, gather like-minded people and start your own!

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