Why You Should Consider Psychology As A Career

Psychology is a modern discipline aimed at understanding the complexities of mental
processes, experiences, and behavior of individuals in different contexts. It is treated
as a natural as well as a social science. These days more than physical health problems, are mental health problems. Various surveys have shown that depression, stress, etc., have been increasing among the population, especially the younger generation which can turn into a major problem. And this calls in a need for psychologists around the country. According to statistics, there exist 2 psychologists for every 1000 people, which is a staggering number. Hence, our country is in desperate need of psychologists. Also, with mental health problems exists the stigma of such a problem which is a lot prevalent in our society. People with psychological problems are considered crazy, when in fact all they are sick mentally like a physical sickness.

Why you should consider Psychology as a careerPsychologists examine the relationships between brain function and behavior, and the environment and behavior, applying what they learn to illuminate our understanding as well as enhance the world around us.

As a psychologist you could contribute to a wide range of work including helping businesses, helping people improve their lives, promoting health, protecting the planet, serving communities, understanding the world around us, and also working in schools. By becoming a psychologist, you can understand yourself as well as others around you, which is very important for the all-around development of any individual.

Psychology as a discipline is multivocal because it is characterized by many approaches or diverse views like gestalt psychology, cognitive views, etc., which explain human behavior at different stages of life. None of these approaches are exclusive, in fact, they are very complementary to each other. Each of the views presents us with valuable and different insights into human life which is viewed as very complicated to understand. The cognitive approach views human life as a function of thought processes and that thoughts are the basic key to the psychological functioning of a person. The humanistic approach by Abraham Maslow views human life as a strong desire to grow as an individual and to self actualize themselves as a person and live up to their human potential.

Today, psychologists who work in different and specialized fields have their own different views and theories regarding human behavior and function. They make and put in their efforts to develop theories and ways to solve human problems in life and in specific domains.

Some of the major fields of psychology are cognitive psychology, biological
psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology,
educational and school psychology, clinical and counseling psychology,
environmental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, sports psychology.

Recently, there has become a need to have a multi/interdisciplinary approach to human problems to have a better understanding of reality. This has led to several collaborations between various fields of psychology. Also, the interests of psychology overlap with the social sciences, biosciences, mass communication, music, and fine arts, thus increasing the importance of human well-being. These efforts have led to fruitful research and application in the particular field of the area too.

A career as a psychologist is one of the highest-paid job roles in the humanities circle. If you understand, empathize, and heal people, then you should sincerely consider this as a career. Psychology as a discipline does not merely contribute to the development of theoretical knowledge but also practical solutions to problems through the medium of the person.

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