Most Popular Humanities Courses in Delhi University

Everyone knows. Humanities… Then DU. You might be finishing your 12th now and preparing to give CUCET, but do you know what course and college you want? Then I am going to tell you that here the popular Humanities Courses in Delhi University:

1. History as a career

Historians study the past. The job activities include gathering historical data from numerous sources, holding research on historical information, providing advice or guidance on historical topics, as well as writing reports, articles, and books on historical findings and theories.

Career opportunities

  • Research Arena- After earning an advanced degree in history, you can choose Research Historian as a career.
  • Government Organizations-A history degree is also useful in the civil services, research for current policy issues, and also in intelligence agencies.
  • Historical Associations -Historians preserve artifacts and explain the historical significance of a wide variety of subjects.
  • Teaching- Professor (Ph.D.) and High-School (B.ed).
  • Editing and Publishing-Students of history may find employment in a wide variety of publishing areas.
  • Consultants and Contractors – History consultants can perform jobs like preparing surveying sites, processing an archival collection for a corporation, or researching an exhibit for a museum or court case.
  • Contract historians often work on projects in historic preservation, archaeology, architectural history, landscape architecture, and litigation.

Popular Humanities Courses in Delhi University

Popular Colleges:

  • Hindu College
  • St Stephens College, Delhi University
  • Miranda House
  • Lady Shriram College
  • Hansraj College
  • Gargi College
  • Ramjas College

2. Psychology as a career

The science of psychology plays the role of benefitting society along with enhancing our lives.

Psychologists examine the relationships between brain function and behavior, and the environment and behavior, applying what they learn to illuminate our understanding as well as enhance the world around us.

As a psychologist you could contribute to a wide range of work including helping businesses, helping people improve their lives, promoting health, protecting the planet, serving communities, understanding the world around us, and also working in schools.

Career opportunities

  • Brain science and cognitive psychologists – Cognitive Psychologists study how the human brain works- how we think, remember and learn. They apply psychological science to understand how we perceive events and make decisions.
  • Clinical Psychologists -These are psychologists who provide clinical or counseling services, to address a breadth of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
  • Counseling Psychologists – help people recognize their strengths and cope with everyday problems.
  • Developmental Psychologists – focus on understanding how humans learn, mature, and adapt.
  • Forensic and Public Service Psychologists -Forensic and public service psychologists play important roles within the public safety and judicial systems
  • Industrial and organizational psychologists – Industrial and Organizational psychology is the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace. It focuses on assessing individual, group, and organizational dynamics and using that research to identify solutions to problems.
  • Quantitative psychologists – Psychologists use a number of research methods and comb through vast amounts of data to test hypotheses and study complex issues in the real world.
  • Rehabilitation Psychologists -Rehabilitation psychologists study and work with individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions to help them overcome challenges and improve their quality of life.
  • Sport and Performance Psychology-these psychologists focus on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate sports performances.

Popular Colleges:

  • Aryabhatta College
  • Daulat Ram College
  • Bharati College
  • Gargi College
  • IP College Delhi – Indraprastha College for Women
  • Zakir Husain Delhi College
  • Lady Shriram College for Women
  • Ramanujan College

3. Political science as a career

Political Science involves understanding political ideologies, policies, institutions, processes, and behavior, along with groups, classes, diplomacy, law, government, strategy, and war.

Students of political science grab an advanced understanding of the functioning of the government, development of policies along conducting research and analyzing data related to political affairs.

Career opportunities

  • Government and advocacy jobs – A wide range of government occupations, from urban planning to legislature to intelligence bodies, are available for those with a major in political science.
  • Teaching Professions
  • Media – An individual with a political science degree and an experience of 3-5 years in journalism can find jobs in the media as a Political Correspondent
  • Research -Public Opinion Research and analysis are of interest to those in politics, and communication.
  • Business Organisations -In industries, they are often employed as industrial political scientists.
  • Politicians -Politicians represent the political, financial, administrative, economic, educational, and other interests of their communities, and attempt to become elected to represent those interests on a legislative level.
  • Law Careers – law might appeal to quite a lot of students which might require interpretation of political ideas and the use of analytical skills.

Popular Colleges:

  • Hindu College
  • Lady Shri Ram College for women
  • Kirori Mal College
  • Ramjas College
  • Miranda House
  • Sri Venkateshawra College
  • Shri Guru Tegh Bhadur Khalsa College
  • Dyal Singh College

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