Ways To Strengthen Brain Power

The human brain is an incredible organ that controls our thoughts, emotions, actions, and overall well-being. Just like any other part of our body, it’s essential to prioritize the health of our brain. By adopting healthy habits and making smart lifestyle choices, we can promote brain health and potentially reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline and certain neurological conditions.

Ayurveda identifies weak memory or the inability to concentrate as the dryness of the brain .just like your vehicle needs a service you need to lubricate your brain nerves to unleash their maximum potential our ancient text talks about some of the sure short ways to unlock the untapped potential of brain improve our memory and concentration the best thing about this routine is that it is so effective that you will start getting results in just a matter of few days so if you are a student preparing for theĀ  entrance exam or you are an employee trying to excel in your job. Then here is the 4-step routine that you can follow to enhance the brain power and concentration.

One teaspoon of brahma rasayana early in the morning well before breakfast, after you have woken up had your morning water and freshened up is the time you should have one teaspoon of Brahma rasayana well what’s so special about brahma rasayan as mentioned in the charak samhita as the number one classical medicine for increasing memory and concentration brahma rasayana is made out of a concoction of over 50 powerful herbs Brahma rasayan just as chyawanprash is a classical medicine for physical health Brahma rasayan is a tonic for the brain the word rasayana itself signifies that it can be consumed by anybody of any age without any side effects eat it slowly to get the maximum benefit one thing that you should keep in mind is that after taking brahma rasayan you do not have to eat anything for at least 30 minutes you need to let it work.

Step number 2 After about 40 to 45 minutes of having a well balanced nutritious homemade breakfast it’s time to execute step number 2 again very simple you just need to have 3 teaspoons of saraswathi rishta in 3 teaspoons of water saraswathi rishta is a mixture of carefully added herbs as suggested in the ancient manuscript of bhaisajya ratnavali with the primary ingredient being Brahmi. Brahmi has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicines to treat the disorders of the brain Even modern medical science research confirms that it boosts both long and short-term memory attention and the ability to process visual information Brahmi has a cooling property that keeps the mind calm and free of anxiety while taking saraswathirishta make sure that you use a glass container as its ingredients may react with plastic or metal containers don’t gulp it just sip it slowly.

Step number 3 of this Ayurvedic routine to boost memory and concentration you just to have one teaspoon of brahmighrit in lukewarm milk 1hour to 30 minutes before going to sleep at night as per Ayurveda The combination of milk and ghee is most favorable there is even more benefits when consumed at night and when you are consuming a medicated ghee which has a powerful cold brahmin in it instantly acts on the brain enhancing the ability to memorize concentrate better and learn faster don’t worry about the taste its kind of tasteless simply feels like having milk drink it slowly sip by sip the last and the final step of this Ayurvedic routine is to be executed just before going to sleep at night all you will need is

Step number 4 jyotishmati apart from brahmi or malkangni or jyotishmati is another herb highly regarded in Ayurveda for brain power the name jyotishmati itself signifies that it illuminates the brain the seeds of malkangni plant are cold pressed to extract the oil which is then used to enhance the brains capability to get fastest results from jyotishmati oil before sleeping using a dropper put 2 drops in each of your nostrils and inhale it will instantly start nourishing your brain cells it will also help you sleep better.

This routine is so effective that if you follow it 100% even for 10 days you will find that you can concentrate better for a longer period. You can follow this routine for 3 months then take 20 day break and then start again.

Investing in your brain health is a lifelong commitment worth making. By adopting healthy habits, including a brain-boosting diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, mental stimulation, stress management, maintaining social connections, protecting your brain, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can promote optimal brain health. Start implementing these tips today, and unlock the secrets to a healthy brain that will support you throughout your life.

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