13 Interesting Tips for Conducting a SEO Audit for Websites

Tips on Conducting SEO Audits Online

Tips for Conducting Technical and Non-Technical SEO Audit for Websites

The Concept of Technical and Non-Technical SEO Audit for Websites

The thorough process of engaging in a comprehensive analysis and research of the ongoing practices on internet to increase the overall visibility of a website on search engines is referred to as SEO Audit. By engaging in this method of SEO analysis, business owners can increase the visiting traffic on their respective platforms.

Importance of Technical and Non-Technical SEO Audit to Promote Websites

In an increasingly competitive marketplace with different businesses and online platforms emerging in the business sector, online business developers and strategists must significantly aim to increase the overall traffic on their websites. According to recent studies, consumers online take less than 0.05 seconds in total to form an overall impression of a website and make a decision appropriately whether to engage in it further or not. This inquisitive finding makes it an urgent requirement for business developers and owners to spearhead their website appearance and accessibility in order to attract increasing visitors by engaging in website audit. Gone are the days when your online website grew simply by word of mouth or on the basis of a few advertisement campaigns. It is time to unleash the true potential of your website by engaging in a thorough analysis pertaining to search traffic and trending searches performed by consumers on a daily basis!

On the basis of reports of a recently conducted survey, 90.63% business website pages do not get noticed or experience organic search traffic from search engines such as Google. This creates an innate urgency to improve the website rankings online by developing its content and monitoring its accessibility rapidly.

Pros of Performing SEO Analysis

There are several benefits of performing SEO analysis for your respective website platform. These include the following:

  1. Increased Organic Search Traffic:

By engaging in a thorough website audit, business developers can increase the overall organic search traffic on their platforms. An active effort towards website development in accordance to trending keyword searches and consumer preferences can help in attracting the appropriate consumers and targeted audience to your website. Since your website is optimised according to keyword analysis, it appears among the top 5-10 search results on Google or related search engines upon entering the primary keyword associated to it.As per current statistical reports, the organic traffic on websites comes primarily from sources such as direct visits, organic search and social networking platforms. Thereby making it explicit that the website should be kept updated for consumer-friendly experiences and better visibility during performed keyword searches.

2. Enhanced Knowledge of Search Keyword Trends:

An enhanced knowledge regarding search keyword trends is instrumented in the minds of business developers online, as matter of actively following the traffic on competing websites that are popular amongst consumers. This helps in designing the website content according to trending keywords and promotes engaging in practices of making these keywords appear prominently on the home page as well as relevant drop-down menu.

3. Good Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Optimized Websites are the need of the hour since they increase the visibility of a given business website to the relevant consumers. No consumer is interested in browsing through a website that is not easily accessible, requires increasing time to operate its internal functions and is tedious in terms of consumer friendliness. Therefore, a good marketing strategy that involves laying huge onus on search engine optimisation is a must for all business owners.

4. Increased Search Volume Distribution: A perfect knowledge of keyword research helps in increasing the overall search volume distribution of your website in relation to other sites online. Using certain keywords as opposed to others helps in attracting a huge volume of search traffic on your site organically.

Cons of Performing Site Audit For Website

Apart from evaluating and considering the pros and benefits of performing a thorough site audit for your website, it is important to consider several cons associated with this practice to avoid engaging in this practice excessively. These include:

  1. Inappropriate link inclusion: Most website pages do not appear on top search results on search engines despite of including appropriate hyperlinks to external sources since these sources are to old pages that no longer exist or are not updated as per recent search guidelines.
  2. Lack of Interactive Content: Websites might not appear under trending searches online even if they are updated and revised according to good search engine optimization practices, due to a lack of interactive content such as images and videos that describe the product or service they provide. This might lead in partial understanding of the essence of the website and it might appear missing on the search engine pages.
  3. Missing Tags: It is important to include relevant and most appropriate tags while describing your product or service on your website. A failed understanding of tags and increasing emphasis on using multiple tags, might lead to a rather incorrect understanding of standard SEO practices.
  4. No Meta Description: It is important to include a brief and catchy meta description that appears below your website URL in search results. Most consumers decide to visit a website based on the description available in search results. In cases of missing meta descriptions, consumers might not prefer browsing the website.

As per reports of a recent survey, 64.28% of the websites online encountered zero-click searches due to a lack of meta descriptions along with the URL, making them appear uninteresting to consumers.

Some Tips to Conduct Thorough Keyword Analysis and Follow Best Technical and Non-Technical SEO Practices to Expand Website Outreach

It is essential to consider certain pro-tips in order to conduct thorough keyword analysis and research and follow the appropriate search engine optimization practices for a successful site audit for your website.

  1. Employ a SEO Consultant to Increase Visibility of Your Website: It is important to employ a SEO consultant in order to be aware of the best practices to expand the overall outreach of your website and promote your business online among potential consumers. The consultant acts as a bridge between you and your consumers by analyzing the gaps in communication and sharpening the overall visibility of your website by incorporating the appropriate promotional strategies.
  2. Lay Deep Emphasis on Website Content: The primary content that appears on your website must be informative and engaging in order to attract potential audiences to your products or services. By paying attention to your website content and including blogs and articles that include primary search keywords in them, you can essentially pave the path towards increased search traffic on your platform.
  3. Focus on Aesthetics: It is important to consider focusing on aesthetics of the website. Consumers get easily attracted to websites that use good aesthetics in terms of using subtle and elegant color pellets, concise and small text and infographics. It makes an overall impression of working in accordance to consumer satisfaction.
  4. Design a Mobile Application: Most consumers find it easier and convenient to use a mobile application since it is easy to browse and operate. The website should include a link to download the mobile application to increase organic traffic of potential consumers.
  5. Include New Products: Consumers constantly change their preferences in products as well as service provision constantly based on ongoing trends. It is important to stay updated with constantly changing product trends and make the appropriate products available on the website. New product inclusion is a must for appropriate adherence towards a good website audit practice.

As per reports of a recent survey, 75% of online shoppers expect to see new products on their website constantly, considering the changing market trends and influencer choices.

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, both technical and non-technical SEO audit is an essential practice for aspiring business developers and online service providers. By thoroughly engaging in this practice and evaluating its pros and cons, businesses can grow significantly by attracting appropriate consumer traffic and emerging among the top 10 keyword search results on search engines. As competing product service providers and businesses continue to level up their promotional tactics, it becomes a matter of huge responsibility to effectively adopt a consumer-friendly approach which is in accordance to the search engine optimization practices for website growth.


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