Time And Tide Wait For None


The proverb- ‘Time and Tide wait for none’ tells us that time does not wait for anyone. No one is that powerful to stop the march of the time, this is what the phrase ‘Time and Tide wait for none’ means. We have to treat time as a precious commodity. It’s as important as life itself.

So the question always arises that what exactly time is and by how we can define time we already know that there are already plenty of kinds of stuff are available related to times with different perspectives. Let me share some of my thoughts, that How do we define time?

We often refer to the term ‘lifetime’. What makes life is not the whole life at one go. Rather it consists of moments stitched together. Indeed, the person may come and go but time stays on just like the brook. But again, just like water is never the same in a flowing river, just like time also never repeats itself. Time once passed it’s never recalled.

If we take a live example- Japan is one of the leading nations of the world. This is because the Japanese didn’t wait for the time, rather they acted. People lose their loved ones. But things change because time doesn’t wait for the mourner to get back to life again. So basically, there is a time for everything. According to the old proverb, ‘An opportunity knocked at your door at once only’ So just grab the offer or opportunity with both hands and act spontaneously. as per the proverb ‘time and tide wait for none. 

So according to this proverb, nothing is more precious than time, Time and tide never wait for us we cannot stop the tide to occur in the sea. In the same, we cannot stop the time for further use. Time should never be wasted. Every moment should be used in this competitive world of today, there is no place to wastage time. We should understand the value of time because time once never returns.

Opportunities do knock on our doors all the time hence we should try to utilize the time, The money gone can get back, but the time gone will not come back. So it’s better to give your priority towards your time and value your time to achieve the desired goal. So basically, the proverb is a reminder of the value of time and opportunities. We cannot stop the passing of time and similarly we can not expect an opportunity to knock on the doors at our convenience. We must seize time and opportunity when they exist. We must be always alert. Regretting wasted time will only waste more time so it’s better to understand the value of time before getting it’s too late that’s why this proverb says that ‘Time and Tide wait for non’.

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