Tight Budget Travel Tips For Students

Undoubtedly, being a student is one of the best stages of life. Traveling is something that is in every student’s bucket list. It is something one must unquestionably undertake while they are a student because they have plenty of time and overflowing youthful energy. But as soon as we begin to add up the costs, we box this desire away and put it on the back burner until we begin to make money. Who knows when we will experience a period of uninterrupted financial flow. So get your backpacks ready and start dreaming. Be a little bit rigorous with your spending while yet being able to enjoy life.

tight budget travel tips for students

India is a large country with a lot of breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and exciting things to do. If properly planned, there are numerous locations from North to South that will provide you with soul-stirring experiences.

Here’s some tight budget travel tips for students-


Make a sensible location choice as this is the first and most crucial step in beginning to stop money draining. How much you spend on the trip will depend on where you go. Pick a destination that is close to where you are right now. India offers a wide range of options. There might be more close places to visit than you ever imagined.


Use hotel search aggregation websites but make direct phone reservations. Or, since the majority of small hotels are not online, looking for accommodations after you get there could also be a smart idea. You might have a solid personal network if you’re Indian. Please use this, dear friends. Make friends as a final piece of advice for locating housing. They might offer to host you, get you a better deal, or even let you break into their hostel and sleep on their bed.


Your budget will be determined by the destination you wish to go. A lot of costs can be reduced by picking a place near the Indian Railway network, but only if you agree to take non-AC coach. Check whether locations not included on the IR map have frequent road access from your location. Getting around: The greatest places are those that have a variety of public transportation alternatives. The majority of Indian towns and cities offer a first-rate public transportation system. Cities like Kolkata and Mumbai have a well-designed suburban train network that can transport you for the least amount of money to any location within the city. In order to keep transportation costs low, they are also supported by buses and shared vehicles. Free walking tours that only require a small gratuity for the guide are another option. Since nothing is ever truly free, don’t pass these up because these are how the guides make their living.


Skip the fancy restaurant and eat street food from India. They offer a distinct yet diverse palate. Instead of eating at a costly fine dining restaurant, you can get inexpensive lunches from a supermarket or even a neighboring fresh food market. They allow you to sample both local fare and some imported items with altered flavors. Alternatively, if you wish to save some money, you can cook for yourself. Usually hostels and available rooms allow you access to a kitchen.

Travel companion:

Both travelling alone and travelling in a group have benefits and drawbacks. Going solo can increase your flexibility, but in some locations, your gang will be able to reduce lodging costs. In some locations, buying a hotel room as a group can save you money because you can split the costs. The same logic holds true when you’re at a reputable restaurant or even when you hire a car to get about. Going solo gives you complete freedom over your itinerary, including where to stay, what to eat, and how to get there.


This is a basic travel tip that still remains true and may even be enjoyable if you start to learn about a destination before you go. Simple research will help you determine whether renting a location in the old city, where the activity is, for a little bit extra will save you money on transportation costs or how much a cab should cost to get to your hostel. Find whatever you want to accomplish, and chances are good that you can always obtain a better deal if you can be flexible.

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