Sociology: The Next Big Career That You Should Consider

Are you a socialite? Do you get along well with your family, friends, and even strangers? Are you interested in the way they live or live? Then, sociology might be the call for you. Sociology is all about studying society and its people. The subject covers all aspects of studying human life on this earth. On the outside, the subject and a career might seem very boring and as if having no scope in it. College is about a lot of things, but at the end of the day, it is about making a career and getting a job out of it. A college degree is very important and so is the subject that you choose to study. Therefore, a sociology degree opens the door to a wide range of career options.

SociologySociology is the systematic study of society, culture, and the relationship between various social levels. Studying sociology gives one a better understanding of society, cultures, and people. You study social behavior and also gain valuable insights into the workings of various different fields in which you can venture according to your interests. Due to Sociology teaching a wide variety of subjects and topics, it gives you an edge over other subjects where you can literally choose any industry that interests you.

BA Sociology is the most preferred undergraduate degree to pursue a career as a sociologist, social worker, or counselor. Throughout the period of studying this subject, you not only are introduced to a different understanding of this society but also different viewpoints of the students which matters a lot in one’s growth and networking. You are most likely to create a group of diverse students where you learn to be more than just you.

Because Sociology doesn’t have a limited area of study, hence the experiences that you can get from different fields is also very varied. A very minute important yet significant work that sociology creates is debating around the hot topics of the day. Along with these debates/questions, it also provides solutions to various problems that exist in this society. Hence, solving and debating the answers to those questions requires a specific set of skills. Solving social and professional problems requires a number of necessary skills in order to communicate and translate to a very diverse audience both orally and in writing. You can learn and improve yourself in these skills all while studying socially which in turn improves your prospects in the job market and gives you an edge over the others.

Sociology is very subjective and unique to the society, culture, and context it is studied. Therefore, it is also very important for civil services where understanding of one’s society is necessary.


1. An aggregate of 55% marks or more in either English or any one of scheduled languages from List A1, and a combination of the best three other subjects from elective subjects of Lists A and B.

2. Out of the best three, chosen above, one must be sociology, failing which a deduction of 1% will be imposed on the aggregate of the Best Four.

3. Inclusion of any subject other than those given in Lists A and B in the ―best three will lead to a deduction of 2.5% per subject on the aggregate of the Best Four.

Possible Career roles-

Counselor, Lecturer, Community Service officer, Teacher, Social Researcher, Welfare Rights Advisor.

Top colleges In DU

  • Lady Sri Ram College for Women
  • Hindu College
  • Jesus and Mary College
  • Miranda House
  • Sri Venkateswara College
  • Kamla Nehru College
  • Janki Devi Memorial College
  • Maitreyi College

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