Short Term Courses You Can Take For Free

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school – Albert Einstein”

And one should never stop learning. Gone are those days, when a degree with first division was good enough for a promising career. As we’re evolving with technology and lifestyle, so is the competition. To some, education is a necessity. To some, it’s passion.

Whatever your reason of studying more is, you can now do it.

However, there are times when you probably are studying the degree of your choice but want to learn more. But it’s not possible to enroll yourself in more than one degree. Is it?

What if I tell you that you can be a maths student but learn about how human digestive system works? All thanks to internet, its possible to study any course you want from world’s top universities like Stanford, Harvard! That too for FREE?

These courses are gaining enough popularity already. In fact there are many who after completing their high school or graduation go for short term courses. Finding good institutions for these courses is a tough job and beyond that the fee structures sometimes becomes the obstacle for the bright enthusiast student. According to me learning is something for which a student must not compromise. So here I want to share with you all some short term courses which you can take for free and learn better. These websites also provide free resource materials, take periodic tests, schedule proper classes and offer good learning. Here’s a list of few website which provide free education to students:

  • Coursera: This website offer free courses online from world class universities including Princeton University & University of Michigan. There are varied topics to choose from and are accessible to all. They offer fun learning by holding lectures as a 15 minute clip.
  • Open Culture: Open Culture offers a staggering collection of 400 courses from renowned universities just for free. Courses cover subjects from science and art to maths and economics. They offer a high- quality cultural and educational, media.
  • Cosmo Learning: This platforms provide academic as well as skill based learning to the students. The subjects have been divided into two sections, namely extra-curricular and academic subjects. One can enrol himself to enjoy both types of learning.
  • Internet Archive: This website imparts free and accessible knowledge to everyone. It’s more or less like a free library. However, it doesn’t provide any certificate for learning.
  • Khan Academy: The name itself seems like a coaching centre. Well it’s not, but more or less the same. It’s an online coaching website for the students who can’t afford coaching. They offer coaching on varied subjects. Moreover, it has lessons from kindergarten calculus, all at one stop. Also the content is available in 36 different languages.
  • Academic Earth: This website provides student academic options from traditional to contemporary studies. The website has a collaboration with various reputed universities. They also offer videos and podcasts for learning.
  • Udacity: A free education website for brainy types which currently offers 11 courses, all of which are science and maths related topics. They offer free of deadlines, free of pre-requisites, free of quizzes and other interesting school stuff.

I, personally have taken a few nutrition classes from the professors of Stanford University online! If you want to know more about them, leave a comment below!

I hope these free education portals will expand your horizon! Start learning!

– Ankit, Editorial


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